Open a Dollar Store - It is About Relationship Building

by Bob Hamilton - Date: 2007-03-30 - Word Count: 323 Share This!

If you open a dollar store you will soon discover that the most successful stores are built on strong relationships. Those relationships involve employees, customers, suppliers and vendors and the community. Long term growth and success are built on those relationships.

Vendors and Suppliers Reps are in touch with the business world. Often they are the first to spot market trends. Knowing those trends when you open a dollar store can put your store ahead of the curve as new hot products enter the market. They also can save you from losses when you are among the first to know about products that have fallen out a favor.

Customer relationships are the very foundation of long term growth and sales success. It doesn't matter whether you have the hottest products. It doesn't matter whether your store is the most conveniently located. When you open a dollar store you will soon find that if you and your employees have failed to establish a solid relationship with shoppers you are doomed to struggle.

Establishing a solid relationship with all of your employees is important to employee retention and all of the associated benefits. It is also one of the keys to having every employee aligned regarding company values and direction. When you open a dollar store employees are generally the first and last to deal with shoppers. A staff of well-trained, committed employees is an important step down the path to success.

When you open a dollar store you will soon find that community relationships are another key to success. Community relationships include ties to schools, other businesses, community business groups, and others. By maintaining strong ties to the community your name and the good deeds that you perform become well-known to all.

When you open a dollar store you will soon find that relationships and relationship building are keys to success. Operating a successful dollar store is about relationship building and maintenance of those relationships.

To your Dollar Store success!

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