Dual DVD Burner

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A dual DVD burner is a device that is used to burn movies onto a disk. There have been many changes made to them throughout the years. Speed use to be the big factor when designing a DVD burner but today things have changed. Consumers are now more interested in having dual features added to their burners to allow them more options. Considering this, it is interesting to learn that the price of these burners have dropped a lot recently while their performance has gotten better. However, this is great news for consumers.

There are several benefits linked to the dual DVD burner. One of the biggest would be that it has the ability to back-up DVD movies. What this means is that you always have a disk of the movie you record available if the original gets damaged. Another benefit is that a dual burner can store a lot more information on a single disk than its predecessor (the single DVD burner) can. This means fewer disks to keep up with. The reason this is possible is because the dual burner has two recordable planes on which to store data instead of a single one like the conventional models used. Basically, you have double the amount of storage space.

Using a dual DVD burner is very easy; you start by making sure the power cable is connected to the burner and the outlet. You then simply press the button to turn on the blue power light. Next all you have to do is insert the blank DVD into the burner. Open the "toast-titanium" software, drag your files onto this software and click on "burn". Now all you have to do is wait a few minutes while your favorite movie is being burned to DVD. Take the time to do a little research and you will certainly be able to find a dual DVD burner that is perfect for you.

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