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Over a period of time, the industry and residentials alike have realised the worth of voice over IP in the communication field. Its advantages range from being cost effective to increasing the productivity of the organisation, unifying communication to being location independent. It has proved to be the biggest boon to the business sector, for it helps them to stay in contact with their clients all round the year at half the cost than what they would pay with PSTN or PBX telephony system. The best rates, augmented quality or better features than public switch telephony network - all this would depend entirely on your service provider. Therefore, one needs to carefully micro select from the large number of providers that are willing to give you their services at a cheaper rate than others.

Wholesalers and resellers of VoIP should realise that it not just the rates that would get them their clients. Quiet opposite to the belief that you have more clients with cheaper rates is the fact that clients are willing to pay a little extra if they are guaranteed quality service. Hence, while opting for a particular service provider, resellers and wholesalers should look beyond the rate that is being offered to them. Best rate along with excellent voice quality should be the deal on offer for you to purchase minutes from a particular VoIP provider. Besides getting the routes tested by making real live calls - most of the providers allow this - getting figures for average call duration, average success ratio and post duration delay would reveal the actual quality of calls.

There are few UK based service providers who offer 24/7 technical support via MSN email and chat to their clients. This is a rare service that is on offer and is also one of the most crucial demands of the business. In order to provide uninterrupted service to the end users, wholesalers and resellers should search for such service providers. Besides this, an initial professional training to introduce the clients to the working of VoIP telephony services is also furnished with the complete package provided to the wholesalers and resellers.

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