How To Win Back My Ex Without Making Mistakes - The Not So Good Ways To Get Your Ex Back

by Allan Lim - Date: 2008-08-19 - Word Count: 327 Share This!

How to win back my ex if my situation s hopeless? My ex is ignoring me and there is no way I can reach him/her. What should I do now?

Are you feeling troubled over the situation above? Or maybe you are in an even worse situation.

Regardless of what your situation is, there are generally two ways you can win your ex back. Mainly, the good ways and the not so good ways.

To put it simply, good ways improve your situation and increase your chances of winning back your ex. The not so good ways can make your situation worse and make it much harder for you to win back your ex.

In this article, let us focus our discussion on the not so good ways. In fact, it is more important for you to know the not so good ways now, so that you can avoid making those mistakes when you are trying to win your ex back.

So, what are those mistakes or not so good ways?

Well, there are quite a number of them and it is not really necessary to mention all of them here. What is more important is that you understand the common characteristic of these mistakes.

Some examples of these mistakes are arguing about the break up, calling your ex too many times, begging your ex to come back to your side etc.

If you think about it carefully, you will realize that all these mistakes are signs of desperation and neediness. What do desperation and neediness do? They will only serve to push your ex further away from you.

That is why it is definitely not a good idea to make these mistakes. Before you decided to take any action, always ask yourself if your are acting out of neediness or desperation.

If your answer is yes, then it is probably best not to do it. Avoiding all these mistakes will give you a higher chance to win your ex back.

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