Boost Your Enjoyment Of Your Holiday With A Hot Air Balloon Ride

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One thing that every person should do whilst holidaying especially in the Loire Valley in France visiting the incredible historic castles is to take the time to go on a ride in a hot air balloon. Although most of us have been in a plane and glanced out the window at the world below, there is nothing quite like ballooning and enjoying the wind in your hair as you glide above the world looking at these amazing architectural treasures. Imagine spectacular renaissance castles, charming villages, and sun-flower-filled hillsides viewed from a hot-air balloon. The perspective is incredible.

Most people only consider taking a ride in an air balloon on a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary, but you should not miss the opportunity to have the memorable adventure floating over the region. It will add another dimension to your vacation as well as giving up fabulous photography opportunities. What is more it is a wonderful adventure for a family to undertake together.

The cost is actually very reasonable and probably less expensive than a balloon flight for the same duration in England or America. There are a few ballooning companies in France. You simply call them up or ask your host to on your behalf and inquire regarding their schedule as well as the cost.

The price can vary depending on when you want to take the ride and how many people will be participating. For example, a balloon ride first thing in the morning might be less expensive than one during sunset. If you are part of a large party possibly staying at a chateau property in the Loire Valley it is most likely that the operator can arrange for the hot air balloon to take off from your property depending upon the topography.

Most companies won't permit small children to ride. There are several reasons for this regarding safety. The ignition system is very loud and potentially incredibly frightening to little ones. Small children tend to also be afraid of heights.

Bear in mind that weather may play a significant factor in your trip. The company will be wary of any bad weather and may have to postpone the trip for safety reasons. Although you may feel incredibly disappointed if this were to happen, remember that taking a trip in bad weather is not worth the risk. Accordingly it is recommended that you book a hot air balloon adventure early in your vacation in case it needs to be postponed because of bad weather.

If you suffer from airsickness you should say this during the initial booking of the excursion. Remember that you can take a non-drowsy motion sickness pill before going on the hot air balloon ride. Similarly if you are scared of heights you need to mention this to the operator in case you faint.

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