List-building: Setting Up A Synergistic List-building System

by Tellman H. Knudson - Date: 2006-12-25 - Word Count: 683 Share This!

Getting started with any project is the most important thing, and we don't always do it right. For instance, here is where people lose a lot of money, so this is really important.

If you're doing a teleseminar series, drive traffic, including your own list members to your squeeze page and build a master list of people who might be interested in the calls.

This is a great opportunity to monetize the thank you page, after people have joined the list, via the "homework" link or the "pre-call training." What you'll find is that if only 30 to 50 percent of the people that sign up for your teleseminar list actually show up for the call, you still end up selling a certain percentage of them some product, right? It's like a head start.

Anyway, this happens in the first week of promotions. Drive traffic to your primary squeeze page for the whole series of calls.

At the same time, send three sample emails about the calls series to each of your speakers (and I would have three different emails--sequential emails), and say, "Send these three emails about the teleseminar series or customize them to sound more like you."

If you have six speakers, be sure you get on all six of their lists, so that you know whether the emails were actually sent to their lists. And get each person to commit to the specific days that they're going to send out. Get absolute dates. I'm going to send out on a Wednesday, August 12th, I'm going to send out on Thursday, August 13th and I'm going to send out on Friday, August 15th.

And then those mornings, the first thing that you do is you pick up the phone and call the people who agreed to send out that day. It's your job to get as many of those people to mail out as possible, okay, and they won't. It's your job to motivate them to hustle and to remind them in a nice way, but make sure you get an absolute commitment from them in email and over the phone and make sure they have it written on their calendars.

For the Second week and subsequent weeks (assuming you hold a call once a week), change the destination URL for each speaker's affiliate link to the squeeze page for their particular event. If you have six people to interview, you should have seven squeeze pages for list building, including the one you used to advertise the entire series and one for each speaker.

Then what you can do is, one or two days before each call, get the person you're going to interview to send another message out to his or her list about their call. Tell your partners, "What we've done is changed the destination of your affiliate link and it goes straight to the squeeze page for your interview."

Now here's the key; this is magic what I'm about to explain to you. The key is you set up your autoresponder, and what you're going to do is when people opt-in for a particular call, what's going to happen is they're going to be opting-in to a list for the speaker's call, and set it up so that they're also opting-in to your main list, too. Then, be sure to set your main list up so that it doesn't allow for multi-subscribes.

The main concept is because Bobby Jones is going to be driving straight to his squeeze page for his interview, you want to make sure that people get popped into your primary list as well, so that when you promote the calls in the future, you have everybody in one place.

Plus, for the thank you pages for your speaker's calls, you use a thank you page for their primary product, and make a bunch of money. Plus, you've gotten a lot more people for your list. The money's great, but it's really the list that matters. From a list, you can make money over, and over, and over again, even after the teleseminar series is over.

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