Protective Clothing

by Steve Knowles - Date: 2006-12-20 - Word Count: 266 Share This!

So we all have worn them. We all felt just that little bit protected by them. And we also would not considered to have gone into certain situations without our guardian and protector. Having beat that one up a little I think we should try and appreciate what the apron or protective garment can do for us. Over time they can save our body and of course our more valuable clothes from harm or injury.

Some examples of this form of clothing are:

-Leather smocks
-Lead shields
-Chemical resistant coveralls

You start to see that these articles of clothing are an important part of life for many people. For instance, where would the radiologist be without a lead apron give a protective shield from the harmful radiation blasted out by the x-ray machine. There would be some strange looking humans walking around after the effects of some of our work places if they were not provided with the type of clothing necessary to create a barrier from harm.

On the lighter side we could look at the humble kitchen apron as being important too. Scenario...budding chef prepares sumptuous meal for honored guests and as the food is being laid out some juices splash over the Armani dress or white Hugo boss shirt quietly rub over some sauce. Not very pleasurable I am sure. All of this could be averted with the right apron or protective clothing.

In conclusion, we all could be a little more appreciative of the wonderful service the world of aprons and such do for our well being. For further information on this fascinating subject visit

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