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by DENROY DENNIS - Date: 2010-07-27 - Word Count: 350 Share This!

I know I know, how could you possibly get a free iphone 4 right? It's simple actually the only way to get one without physically finding one on the side of the street would either be through some kind of contest or by being a product tester of some kind. Now I don't know about you but finding one on the street seems like something not very likely to happen so that leaves us with the last two options. Many companies hand out their products to a few members of the public in order to get testing done in a more day to day setting and it's in these circumstances that you are able to keep the product after you test it.

To be clear these types of promotions don't usually last long and only come out when a product is about to be launched to a couple months after. Now being a prime time for Canadians as the phone has not launched here as yet to jump on the bandwagon and grab a copy just for testing it out. That's right just like everything else in life you have to be one step ahead of everyone else in order to succeed.

If you haven't visualized yourself with a brand new Iphone yet let me help you, Can you picture your friends waiting for the Iphone to be released by their carrier? Now picture them bragging about pre ordering it, now picture them still paying $199 for it on a 3 year contract for a phone most likely locked to that phone company. Now picture you not waiting for it to be released, not pre ordering it not having to pay any money and all, not having to sign any contract and having a phone that is completely unlocked! Yup you have it pretty good I'd say.

If you're serious about being one of the first in Canada to get a copy of the brand new Iphone 4 for free (unlocked) just for testing it act before it's too late.

Click here to claim your free Iphone 4 now!

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