10 Reasons Guys Don't Want To Date You

by Bellaisa Filippis - Date: 2010-10-06 - Word Count: 856 Share This!

Do you find yourself getting rejected by men a lot and you are starting to wonder what you are doing so wrong that guys just don't want to date you? These ten reasons might apply to you and you may not even know it.

1. Your Presentation Sucks.

I'm all for comfortable clothes but when you are trying to get a guy or impress a guy you don't want to throw on your sweats and your extra large sweater that hangs horrible on you.

You may think you look natural, casual, and not concerned about what other people think - and that may be true - but it's not going to make a guy want to see what's under it and it may even make them not notice you as a potential partner.

I've seen guys who have literally not noticed a girl at one time and then when she changed the way she dressed at the next get together, the guy was all over her; Same person just different presentation.

2. You Wear Too Much Makeup.

I have known women that look completely different after they just wake up and after they put their makeup on. I mean they look like a brand new person and it's apparent.

You may think that you look hot but guys tend to like women who are a little more au natural in the makeup department. Let the real you out and be proud of who you are.

3. You Talk Way Too Much.

It's a woman's trait right? We talk and talk and talk. The problem is that guys like to talk too. They also like quiet once in a while.

Part of communication is listening and understanding. Practice all forms of communication when out with a guy.

4. You Complain Way Too Much.

You complain about people, things, events, and anything else you can whine about. There is only so much complaining that one person can take and to be honest it's not something that attracts people to you.

Try being more positive about things and seeing the brighter side of life.

5. You Are a Stick in The Mud.

You don't want to this because it might mess your hair and you don't want to do that because it's stupid. When people ask you to sing at karaoke you give them a look like they have gone completely mental. You don't take advantage of what life is throwing at you.

Life is meant to live! Start doing things that are out of your comfort zone and start living. You may find some fun, and men, in the process.

6. You Are Fake

I'm not talking about your hair or eyelashes; I'm talking about pretending to be something you are not. When you tell a guy that you can play a guitar just to impress him you can bet your ass he will not be too impressed with you when you don't even know how to hold his guitar when he asks you to play.

Just be honest and real and let your true self shine through.

7. You Are Really Loud

Some women talk and laugh way too loud. Whether they think they are being charming or cute I'm not sure but for the most part it's annoying. I find that many women who feel they have something to prove are like this.

Obviously you want to be yourself when trying to attract men but remember that if he can't concentrate on what you are saying because he's focusing on the people starting at the two of you then maybe you need to use your quieter voice.

8. You Try To Change Him Right From the Start

You've barely starting talking to the guy and you've already asked him if he really thinks the shirt he's wearing is appropriate. Or maybe you told him that he should eat so many of those disgusting chili dogs because they are totally unhealthy for him.

Guys will avoid you like the plague if you start to nitpick his looks, interests, clothes, or anything else that pertains to him. Let him be him and enjoy him for what he has to offer.

9. You Treat Him As If He Can't Do Anything Right

Maybe you are not nit picking everything he does but you are telling him where to go and how to do it - the right way.

He may not chew his food the way that you want him to chew his food but honestly, don't make him feel like he's an idiot over the way he chews his food. Let him be himself and chew it the way he chews it.

10. Don't Be Jealous For No Reason

You are on your first date and it's supposed to be about you two getting to know each other and showing each other your good qualities and you notice a girl, who has nothing to do with your date or you, walking by in a mini skirt and halter top. You are quick to point how inappropriate that is and how she should cover up with an attitude as if she's offended you personally.

Whatever you are trying to prove with this - don't do it. There's no need to put other people down for any reason and it just makes you look jealous.

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