The Secret To Motivating Yourself To Success

by GiGi Konwin - Date: 2007-02-20 - Word Count: 443 Share This!

Sometimes you just need a kick in the butt.

You've set all your goals - you have a plan. You are determined. You are motivated.

But then the phone rings, the kids interrupt you, something comes up and life gets in the way.

You didn't mean to let it happen that way. How can you get back on track to accomplishing your goals?

Sometimes there truly is one important piece of the puzzle you may be missing. It may be the secret that is holding you back or is keeping you from achieving those goals.

There's a great new free ebook that gives you that secret. I call it the motivational kickstart.

I originally found out about this book from an internet marketer. And it was designed with the Internet Marketer in mind, however, this book will apply to ANYONE.

Okay, maybe not EVERYONE. Only those truly interested in making a change in their lives. If you're tired of trying to "get ahead" or you are wondering why others seem to be doing well and you're not, then this book can help you realize WHY. If you are looking to be successful, this book tells you the first most important step you need to take.

The really great thing about it is it's free! There's also some inspiring motivational quotes.

Written almost like a coach who's going to make you win no matter what, I find that every once in a while I really benefit from a "You Can Do It" pep talk.

If you're not hyping yourself up every morning with affirmations, goal setting reviews and other positive reinforcements - you should be! This book does a great job of showing you why the Law of Attraction works so well. What is the Law of Attraction? In simple terms, you attract what you think about. More information is covered in the book.

When you go to the website, there will be an upsell "one time only" offer page. They mean that --after reading the free book, I wish I had bought the upsell. But feel free to pass on that - you can get it later if you want. If you're just looking for free information, the book is great all by itself.

You can also listen to a MP3 or a streaming audio of the book. I like doing this to reinforce the principles while I'm working.

Another little plus - if you'd like to pass this free book to your friends and family, you can make 50 cents for each person that downloads this great free resource!

Don't wait to learn the secret to getting yourself motivated to succeed! The free report is right here: Accomplish Your Goals - Free Report

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