Dating: should you be an extrovert?

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Is relation between people of opposite sex fruitful and stable only if they are extroverts, and do introverts live a life of loneliness as many dating guru's state. Well there is thin line dividing extroverts and braggadocio and equally thin line dividing introverts and soft spoken people. Hence the before one raises this question be sure whom you are talking about.

Braggadocios and introverts both do not make a stable relationship. In relationship building process communication is very important. Very sane, rational, and interesting communication with some humor thrown in is what is required for getting along with your date. Not only in a face to face contact but even when you chat online in an online dating site on Internet these qualities are very essential.

Relationship building process is an important aspect of matchmaking for a life partner. However even if you are not a natural talker or good at glib you need not worry. Remember all people do have that gift of the gab to impress others especially the opposite sex. Relationship can be made stable and strong in spite of this virtue by being honest, straight forward and kind. You should be a thorough gentle man or a lady and this is surely the first pre requisite.

Human interaction can be made fruitful by various means as one can figure out a presentable countenance is also helpful. Ones physical attributes also count. The crux of the matter is that if you do not have an exquisite way of talking then there should be some attribute that should be helpful in bringing your date or your lover closer to you.

Human warmth if expressed properly, not necessarily by words but by kindness, love, and caring is very effective in bringing people or lovers together. You can be articulate without the glib. Be very knowledgeable about the subject of interests or current news and events or any information that you find will be of interest when dating someone. You can be interesting by just stating interesting facts no need to be a speech artist. This really works. And if you cannot even do this the you are a dull, uninteresting person not fit for relationships. In short, you are a Dumbo! Forget matchmaking!

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