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The Internet has several music sites which have a massive collection of songs. You can buy these songs, which means download them after paying a nominal fee. By following the method of ripping you could download the songs of your choice and store them to play on your MP3 player, anytime, anywhere. Ripping is a process that involves a number of steps such as placing the disc into the CD drive of the computer; selecting the soundtrack required to be converted into MP3 format; conversion of the track; copying the new MP3 file to the hard disk and finally, downloading the MP3 file to the MP3 player.

There are also some sites that allow you to download songs without charging any fee. It is to be noted, however, that the best things in life come at a price and so free songs are usually ones that are discards, less popular or ones that don't find many takers even for free. It is possible also to subscribe to a site and get all the songs you desire for one flat fee. The catch here is that songs are for a temporary period and on rent. They are not permanent downloads, so once your subscription ceases, the facility to play the songs would automatically be disabled. This takes place due to subscription plans being encoded aided by the digital rights management technology and this clause is mentioned in your subscription agreement.

You could take heart from the fact that many MP3 players now come with the ability to record songs directly from your CD player. For those who can't avail of the facility of a computer, this makes the conversion process a lot easier and more convenient. It does away with the trouble of putting a CD into the computer. The song goes directly from the CD to MP3 format in the user's preferred play-list.

There are MP3 players with built-in FM radio tuners, giving users an additional feature. Radio listeners can also record their favorite songs being aired by channels in the MP3 format and add them instantly to their play-list. MP3 player lets you playback your MP3 music on the FM radio with frequencies that are unused.

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