Russian Mail Order Brides Are No More

by Peter Finch - Date: 2007-04-01 - Word Count: 740 Share This!

What made you believe that you can find the right woman on the net? Today there are hundreds of websites offering matchmaking services. Some more successful than others, you can give them a chance to change your life forever.

Russian mail order brides has become a popular search phrase in the last few years. Many people share experiences in the web forums, telling stories of either extremely successful relationships they managed to start with the help of dating sites or unpleasant experiences with Russian women who were trying by all means to hang on to them and use them as a tool to get away from their native country.

Indeed there are many women who are taking advantage of their sex and good looks. They are pretending to be looking for a real relationship but all they actually want is a fake marriage which will allow them to stay in a western country.

Sometimes after having a visa for a longer stay abroad, they feel free to find another partner which suits their needs better for a rich and light-hearted lifestyle. Keep this in mind when you are surfing in your search for "Russian mail order brides".

On the other hand, the vast Russian country is full of truly modest women who are looking for real love and dream for a romantic relationship. Most agencies offering "Russian mail order brides" services do their best to filter the profiles and to limit the fake ones.

They do this by asking women to fill in long questionnaires in which they are obliged to share not only their real age and background but also to explain their motivation and answer the question "Why are you looking for a relationship with a foreigner?" Later when you contact the agency they will provide you with contact details for the women who you like and have passed their scam tests.

Hence the term "mail order bride" arose. For any woman, whether she be Russian, Ukrainian or any other nationality for that matter, the term is massively insulting. It compares to going through a shopping catalogue, picking your product and buying it.

Well I have news for you. Finding and dating a real Russian woman is a challenge and these days, the promise of life in the so called "holy grail" of the UK, USA or Europe is no longer the top draw that it used to be. Quite simply, Russian women can access the internet too. They understand that life is not quite so grand in the West as it is made out to be!

Matchmaking services have improved over the years and today "Russian mail order brides" does not mean only a few perfumed letters with an old picture of a lady in her 40's but real interactive communication with your future bride.

Agents are aware, more experienced and better than ever in finding the best match for you. They know that Russian scams are actually ruining their reputations and try to do their best to prove that their business is not blackmail, but a real dating service.

Before starting your Russian mail order brides search - and I caution you against using that term - you should clarify and be honest first to yourself and then to the matchmaker what type of profile of lady you are looking for and why. Men sometimes are searching for a bride in Russia just for the thrill to meet a lady who is different to what he is used to at home.

The truth is that out there are women with true feelings. Russians are not pretty Matrioshka dolls which you take home after your annual holiday. These women are hoping that you might be the one who will treat them well, respect them and make them feel loved.

Marriage is a serious step and taking a Russian bride is not a childish game of having a family. If you are only looking for a temporary date it is better to make this clear from the very beginning. Otherwise you risk ending up with someone who you like but you would never love. I warn you of this because Russian woman in love are really consistent and loyal.

It is a kind of national characteristic and you can not change it. Yet, there are many examples of successful relationships between Russians and foreigners. All you should do is to read between the lines during your correspondence and try to know better your spouse before asking her to marry you on Valentine's Day.

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