Approach Women with the Right Kind of Body Language

by Scott J. Patterson - Date: 2007-06-08 - Word Count: 372 Share This!

You know what?

The way you approach a woman is the MOST important step towards attracting her. If you can demonstrate the right kind of qualities when you initiate a conversation, then you'll discover that it's easy to get her interested in you.

As humans, we make instant judgments about people within the first couple seconds of meeting them. This means if you want to attract a woman, you have to ensure that you're displaying the right kind of body language on your approach.

Now most guys make the mistake of giving off POOR body language when initiating conversations with girls. Whether they act too intimidating or behave in a wussy manner, most men are sending the wrong body language signals to women.

So if you're having trouble with attracting women when you first meet them, then you should take a look at your body language. Here is a quick three step system for displaying attractive body language to women:

1) Be friendly-

When you approach a woman, lock eyes on her and smile. Your goal is to give off a warm and friendly personality with your approach. In other words, you want to approach her like a long lost friend.

2) Don't face her head on-

When you initiate a conversation, you want to put her at ease. The best way to do this is to avoid directly facing a woman. One of the principles of body language is we tend to be uncomfortable by people who directly face us. So of positioning yourself square in front of her, you should approach her to the side. If you can end up side-by-side or at an angle, you'll reduce her nervousness and tension.

3) Be relaxed-

Once you've approached the woman you should strike a relaxed pose. In order to appear confident, you have to give off the appearance that you're not anxious or worried about the outcome of your conversation. By displaying a relaxed posture (like leaning back), you're showing her that she's in the presence of a confident male.

If you use this three part body language system on your approach, you'll increase your chances of developing a successful conversation. Then it'll be easy to quickly develop rapport and make things more intimate.

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