Learn How to Touch a Woman and You'll Please Her Every Time

by Carol Norda - Date: 2007-04-27 - Word Count: 515 Share This!

Every woman likes to be with a man who knows how to touch her in bed. There is no bigger turn on than a man who knows what he is doing. But what if you don't feel very comfortable with your knowledge of a woman's body? That's okay, once you learn a few things you will be a master in the bedroom and your partner will be very pleased!

Many men make the same mistake in bed, and that is the mistake of thinking that there are only two hot zones on a woman's body; her breasts and her clitoris. While those are highly erogenous areas, there are other parts of a woman's body that can be very sensitive to stimulation.

If you are looking for a hot spot that will drive your woman crazy, kiss the nape of her neck very tenderly. Slowly move up her neck. When you arrive at the ear, gently nibble the lobe and whisper naughty things you want to do to her. Then make your way back down her neck, giving a gentle little nip every once in a while to keep her guessing. While you are kissing her neck, don't forget about your hands. They should be gently stroking and caressing her body.

Another great place is the inner thighs. This area is very sensitive, so go slowly. You will have your woman shaking in anticipation if you slowly kiss and nibble the inside of her thighs, working your way closer and closer to her clitoris. Do not touch, just tease.

Her back is also a great area to focus on. You will drive her wild if you lay her on her stomach and give her a sensual massage. Every woman loves to have her shoulders rubbed, just add a little massage oil and take it up a level. If you have never given a sensual massage before, the most important thing you need to remember is to slow it down. Make all of your movements slow and precise. Use your fingers to tease her and give her hints of what is to come.

Women like foreplay, but don't forget about touching her while you are having sex. So many men forget about everything else while they're in the middle of it. If you want her to have a mind blowing orgasm, use your hands during penetration. Apply gentle pressure to her clitoris and you will send her over the edge.

You may have to play around with the different pressures to use on your woman. Some women like their guys to use really firm pressure on all areas of their body, while others prefer a soft touch. The preference may change depending on her mood as well, so stay sharp, and read her cues. Every woman has her hot zones. For some, it's the feet, others their head. Use your imagination and try things out. You will impress women in bed when you start to think outside of the box, and remember that there are more areas on a woman's body than breasts and clitoris. Get creative, and when in doubt, ask her!

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