Finding an Office Space in Manhattan

by Daniel Roshard - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 437 Share This!

Finding an office space in Manhattan seems like a very hard task, and as everything else in the real estate business there are no big surprises, it is an industry where your money will talk, and the rest will probably get you nowhere. There are a few different approaches to getting a Manhattan office space, we try to cover a few of these.

Here are some important pointers you should remember to ensure that the space you get is the most perfect in your business.

Select a broker that can answer your need. A good broker must be able to give you the office space that meets your expectations. He should be a licensed real estate broker that can definitely deliver the job in time.

Choose a tenant broker. There are lots of advertisements online, on building signs, and in newspapers that direct you to a particular or some landlord agents that do not really provide the right office space you need. Oftentimes, this results to high asking price. These types of advertisements also would not provide you the complete list of all the possible office spaces. A tenant broker on the other hand gives you selections of office space and the information such as the vacancy rate and the building's historic rents. This information is important since it affects final leasing agreement and the value of the space.

He will give you details on the best, moderate, and "just okay" office spaces in your selection. Also, a good tenant broker will be able to deliver the deal for you and will do all the legwork required to accomplish what you need. Of course you don't need a tenant broker to show you the space, but when you need your questions about the space to be answered, the tenant broker is someone you need on your side.

Choose from different spaces. Making offers on other office spaces in case something went wrong in your primary choice is a good move that can save you time and money. It is beyond your control if the landlord still offers your chosen space to someone else even after your offer is accepted. In the event of prime lease cancellation, you have other options and backup space to go to.

Continue to look for space. Not until you and the landlord signed the lease for your chosen space, you do not have the assurance that it will be awarded to you. As was said, even before you have made an agreement with the landlord, he can still offer your chosen space to someone else. Keep looking for space and do not stop until you have moved in.

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