Know The Side Effects Before You Consider A Vasectomy

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Of all the many variations of birth control options available for both men and women, choosing for the best one to use and practice is the common dilemma of most people. Birth control methods basically range from non-prescription options, which one can buy and use without prescriptions from specialists; prescription methods, the ones that require doctors' recommendation before usage; sterilization; and the natural/abstinence birth control practices.

Despite the wide variations of contraceptive methods to choose from, most sexually active males prefer the sterilization method as their means of birth control. Vasectomy, which is the medical term for male sterilization, is favored by most men today because it is permanent and its efficiency rate is higher compared to other forms of contraception. In this kind of sterilization process, the tubes in a male's scrotum are tied or sealed so that the sperm cells cannot get through the semen.

However, there are reported claims of side effects in vasectomy procedures. Some doctors and medical specialists even contradict to the efficiency and safety of this kind of permanent contraceptive method. Even though some of the noted adverse effects are not supported by clinical studies, it is still best to be informed on the procedures' possible complications before choosing this kind of permanent birth control method.

The following are three of the negative side effects of vasectomy male birth control method:

1. Susceptible to cancer

Unknown to most males, cancer is one of the adverse side effects brought by vasectomy. This happens when a man's body reacts negatively to the changes in his reproductive organ. There are instances when a man's immune system confused the sperm as a harmful substance. As a normal reaction of the body, antibodies are then automatically released, thus, making the arteries clogged. Note that when arteries are clogged, cancer cells are more likely to develop.

2. Occasional swelling and pain

Aside from being highly susceptible to cancer, occasional swelling and pain are also another known side effects of vasectomy birth control. Although these are regarded as non-serious effects of the said minor operation, swelling and pain are very convenient complications for most males.

Common causes of swelling and inflammation are the fluid hydrocels and the abscesses that occasionally develop when infection occurs. It is a good thing that the pain caused by inflammation and swelling can be remedied by regularly taking antibiotics and immediate consultation to a specialist.

3. Impotence or decreased sexual drive

Of all the reported complications associated with vasectomy, impotence or decreased sexual appetite is perhaps the most dreaded side effect of most men. Nothing is more frustrating to a man than not being able to satisfy or provide the sexual and intimate needs of his partner.

Decreased interest in sex, however, is not basically caused by physical reactions or changes of the body due to the operation. It is, rather, more of a psychological side effect that is associated with the stress and worries experienced by a man during the process of the vasectomy procedure. Best recommendation for this condition is psychiatric therapy or counseling that is to be conducted by an experienced therapist or doctor.

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