LG Kf510: is it Worth Buying?

by Mark Hirst - Date: 2008-06-17 - Word Count: 335 Share This!

A lot of people anticipate the latest models that LG is putting on the market today. One of these mobile phone models is the LG KF510. The KF510 is a fashion slider. LG created this model to be very impressive as possible. The KF510 mobile phone would be the first to incorporate gradient colors on its panel. The gradient color would make the KF510 very glamorous.


The first thing that you will notice about the KF510 mobile phone is its elegant ultra-slim body. It is about 0.4 inch or 10.9 millimeter thick. The phone's gradient colors are very pleasing to the eyes. For instance, the colors would go from black to grey or even red.  


One of the best aspects of the LG KF510 is the camera. The 3 megapixel camera has an autofocus feature which makes the quality of photos very crisp and clear. The flash of the camera provides brightness and illumination on the pictures. Also, videos that are made from the camera have a resolution of about 320 x 240 pixels which is quite standard for a multimedia phone. 


The interface of the KF510 is well designed which makes it very practical. In the higher part of the body, you can find the indicators for the flash, autofocus, battery and picture stabilizer. In the bottom side, indicators for the resolution, number of pictures taken and storage location are located.


The LG KF510 is well equipped with software that manages files for MS Word, Excel tables, PDF documents and PowerPoint slide presentation. It also supports applications that are made from JAVA MIDP 2.0. Most importantly, the quality of the sound during calls is very clear and crisp. The battery of the KF510 can allow 4 hours of worth of calls and 400 hours during stand-by mode.

Because of the gradient colors, fashionable mobile phone users will surely love the LG KF510. No matter how you look at it, the design and performance makes the LG KF510 stand out against other mobile phone competitors.

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