Attract Success Into Your Life By Knowing And Applying These Principals Now

by Greg Nicholls - Date: 2006-11-28 - Word Count: 674 Share This!

Anybody can have more money, more time and a better lifestyle and have them easily and effortlessly attracted to them if they practice the determining factors of success. Yes anybody, even you.

The things I am about to share with you will be part of your life long journey to understanding how you can attract success into your life and how you will always be able to build more success on top of existing success.

To get right into it, most importantly, living your life in integrity will act as the guiding light in your life, if you are always pointing your life towards integrity, you are on the path. You not only have to be in integrity with other people, most importantly, you must be in integrity with yourself

Next, having absolute belief that you can have success in your life, is "knowing you will succeed" because you have simply made the decision to have success.

You will be able to relax and allow the flow of success into your life by knowing that you do not have to be in control of your circumstances in order to get to your desired success.

Your circumstances are simply attracted to you by what it is that you are focusing on.

Circumstances are like forks in the road, they come into your life to re-direct you towards what it is that you are giving thought to. Be aware that you will have good circumstances if you are focusing on good outcomes and you will have bad circumstances if you focus on bad outcomes.

Sometimes we mistake good circumstances for bad circumstances; losing a job, or having some kind of unhappy moment in your life can actually be an important componet in your set of circumstances, maybe to allow you to reflect on just how important your desire for change really is.

These times can also be described as breakthroughs, or defining moments in your life when your conviction to attain your desired outcome is tested to the greatest extreme. When you pass the test, you get to move on to the next part of your journey.

This is widely known as the Law Of Attraction.

Understanding the Law Of Attraction, is just as simple as a thinking of a magnet, if you want the magnet to pick up some desired metal, you have to point it at the metal you wish to attract to it. If you point it at some junky metal that you do not want, like it or not, you will attract the junky metal.

Learn from my words here that you will get what you focus on and everything you attract into your life is for a reason (even you reading this article right now), it is up to you to take the lesson from every circumstance, good or bad. If the circumstances are based on a great outcome, there is a lesson. Circumstances that are based on an undesired outcome can be warning signs to tell you to focus on what you do want.

So to attract success into your life, you must become the successful person that you are going to be in your mind first, focus on what that will be like as if it is already happening, then you will become successful.

To begin, imagine that you just made in one month what it used to take you a year to make. How do you feel?

There is a price to pay for success, it is called persistence.

You have to become clear about your desired outcome, focus on it daily and keep going towards it until you attain it. You have to have crossed the finish line in your mind before the starting gun goes off and you begin the race.

When you have made the decision to "have it all", you focus on it with clarity, maintain the absolute belief that you will have it and you decide to always move towards the direction of integrity, then you are sure to attract success into your life easily and effortlessly, no matter what it is.

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