Size Zero - The New Killer

by Marilyn Mastin - Date: 2007-04-24 - Word Count: 282 Share This!

I am very concerned about our young, and maybe not so young, women today, who seem obsessed with loosing enormous amounts of weight.

The problem stems from the images of all the grotesquely thin celebrities who feature in magazines and on web sites. Young girls begin to think the wafer-thin image is the norm, and begin dieting to get down to the desired, size Zero.

Young girls, and as I wrote earlier, maybe not so young women, are damaging their bodies with this extreme dieting, and I want to alert you all to the risks.

When you have lost all your fat, you begin to loose muscle. You become weaker and are always exhausted.

As your body weakens, so does your brain! You will suffer from concentration problems, sleep disturbances and you may develop a chemical imbalance in the brain, which could lead to mental problems. The brain, like the rest of the body, needs calories to survive.

The immune system will become compromised, leading to infections. Your fertility may also be affected, and if you continue dieting, you could forever loose your chance to conceive, because you may enter an early menopause, from which, even if you begin eating normally, you will not recover.

Eventually, extreme dieters loose the desire to eat and then they really are at risk. But what's to be done?

Magazines and websites should not feature these ultra-thin celebrities. They should, instead, feature the female celebs who have not pandered to the image of Size Zero, and men should tell their wives and girlfriends that they don't find thin celebs sexy. I hope this image doesn't continue, because all of the size zero celebrities, and the girls who copy them, are quite literally... DYING!

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