Wireless Alarm Systems

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Wireless alarms are alarms that are easy to install and no complex wiring is involved in alarms and installation. They are manufactured in different models with affordable prices. Alarm systems involving wiring work take a lot of time to install. They are also difficult to maintain, as you have to keep track of every single wire carefully. Wireless alarm systems are hassle free systems, when it comes to maintenance and repair.

They are used for personal and commercial purposes. They can detect any kind of intrusion within a particular range and can send signals to alert you. The diameter of surveillance depends upon the model. However, there are a few minor setbacks in these wireless alarm systems. Their signals get blocked by walls, trees, and other obstacles and they require constant battery change.

GE security systems offer the model GEM-K4RF that comes with built in 32-point wireless receiver with matching keypad GEM-K, EZ programming mode format with custom alpha models, and auxiliary programmable panic keys.

The X10 IntelliHome system is unique because it uses the existing 220V power line to communicate its signals and is simple and inexpensive. The X-10 Intellihome system provides two-way communication with possibility of status control, because of the worldwide 5 million installations.

Motion detector RX-1000/7X is a model of wireless driveway alarm manufactured by Rodann, USA with a receiver and transmitter. It comes around $120. The unique PIR makes the RX-1000/TX-1000 wireless door chime set the best solution for virtually any installation. It can also be used on warehouse roll up doors, inside display cabinets, restricted area protection, and as a window alerting device. The TX-1000 motion detector incorporates passive infrared (PIR) sensor technology that detects infrared energy emitted by the human body, when in motion within a given detection area.

ADT, Peak alarm Utah, Idaho, Skylink Inc, Bass home Electronics, Spy town, Racoman , Liam Electric, and Safetech are some of the firms that manufacture whole range of wireless systems, hidden pinhole cameras, PIR motion detector, multiplexes, quads transmitters, and receivers.

A&E Home security system is the supplier for LH-51107, which costs $49.95 .This model comes with three magnetic window alarm and one keypad controlled door alarm.

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