Baby Shower Favors -Homemade Soaps

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Planning a baby shower can be very creative and personalized. There are plenty of ways where you can add your own personal touch to make the baby shower more fun and memorable. If you are looking for cool, memorable, and inexpensive baby shower favors, why not consider homemade soaps?

Homemade soaps would make ideal tokens for the guests of the baby shower. Aside from the dozens of different fragrances you can choose from, you are also free to use your creative ideas to make personalized labels. When it comes to the scent, everyone has their own favorite but the main consideration should be for what the expectant mom likes best. Pregnant women can be very choosy when it comes to fragrances, so you have to make sure of that. You can also do mix and match. This is actually a fun idea, as you will be providing a variety of soaps in different fragrances, and guests can get a chance to try, smell and choose the soap that fits their taste.

One of the reasons why homemade soaps make ideal baby shower favors is that you can get all the good qualities that are beneficial to your skin. If you are not into DIY type of person, well then take this opportunity to indulge yourself in this wonderful experience of making homemade bath soaps. It would be a nice feeling once you start to have some finished soaps that made by yourself. Different from commercial soaps that are available at department stores, which most of them are not really soaps at all because all the natural glycerin is removed, you are ensure that homemade soaps are good for the skin because the process of making them doesn't include removing of glycerin. For your information, glycerin has all the good oils that help keep our skin soft and young looking.

Let's say you are done making the soaps, and they are ready to package. The next thing you need to do is to make labels for them. This is actually pretty easy. Normally, most people use the Microsoft Word program create text and include images. A really nice idea is to use high quality of paper for the label. Just feel free experimenting to make the labels eye catching. You can include images that match the theme of the baby shower.

The process of making homemade soaps is fun and easy that can encourage you to repeat it again for other special events. Aside from baby showers, homemade soaps also work well during weddings, bridal showers, and birthdays.

Aside from homemade soaps, there are other more DIY ideas when it comes to baby shower favors. You can also try making candles. Making candles at home is also very easy, just complete the necessary materials and tools to make candles. To save some more money on the baby shower, consider also making the baby shower invitations and baby shower decorations yourself. You don't have to spend too much on those items, because there's a lot of free ideas that you can find online.

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