Review Of Canon Eos 30d Slr Digital Camera

by Jean Morgan - Date: 2008-09-25 - Word Count: 375 Share This!

The Canon EOS 30D SLR Digital Camera has upped the number of sequential frames that you can capture in continuous-shooting mode to 30 JPEG or 11 raw shots, from 23 or 6. It is important to mention though, that this is at 5 frames per second. The 30D has a real spot meter, through the 3.5 % metering circle. An advantage Canon has added to this model is the ability to set ISO sensitivity in 1/3-stop increments. The larger 2.5 inch LCD monitor now offers a wider viewing angle than that of the 1.8 inch model on the lower class 20D. This comes in handy for reviewing shots with your friends or family members. Canon's Picture Styles offer a great way to organize the myriad of custom settings such as sharpness, saturation, tone and contrast. This class of SLR camera has always allowed you to control these features quite easily. The rates of shutter durability on this model is as much as 100,000 cycles.

Not many aspects of the 30D has changed, but some could have used an update on future models such as this one. The battery for one, does not last long enough on typical shooting sessions and only allows you to take about 250 pictures with each fully-charged session. The lens has the problematic nuisance of casting a shadow when using the onboard flash at wide-angle focal lengths with certain lenses. The View Finder only shows 95 percent of the scene. Regardless of these minor setbacks, the 30D still remains the top-notch camera that the 20D was.

If you prefer a camera with less advanced continuous shooting performance, spot metering or a smaller LCD, you might as well go for the 20D, since you'll be saving about $200. But if you still demand a higher quality camera, by all means, check out the Canon EOS 30D SLR Digital Camera.

The good? This camera offers supreme low-light performance, fast and responsive controls and a very nice balance of features for both advances and rookie photographers.

The bad? The pop-up flash on this camera can cast a bit of shadow with some lenses and the viewfinder only provides about 95% viewing angle. The battery life is also mediocre. The 1.6x lens conversion factor is also a minor disadvantage.

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Overall this is an excellent midrange SLR camera. This camera remains a good choice if you can find a great deal on it. The price range is between $699- $1400.Visit Best Digi Cam Review to find out more about this camera and how to buy it cheaply online.

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