Why Voip Is Good For Business

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(Establish and maintain business telephonic communications without the additional cost of providing hard wired telephone service)

For businesses, one of the biggest drains on their hard-earned profit margins is a little thought about but essential part of the equation - communications. Without an effective communications system (your telephones), you cannot talk to clients, customers or even satellite offices. Modern telephone systems, while a world away from the old analogue exchanges of the late 20th Century, are still cumbersome, require a great deal of infrastructure, maintenance and of course, cost.

A cheaper alternative

But there is an alternative, and one that could save your business a considerable amount of both money and time. VoIP, or Voice over IP, uses the Internet broadband system to convert audio signals (a telephone call) into data packets' that can be transmitted via the broadband signal rather than a traditional landline system. There are two methods of introducing VoIP into a business scenario. Internal VoIP replaces the standard telephone system used by most small businesses. Business VoIP is easily integrated using existing equipment and can quickly improve the quality of your communications network, particularly if you have a high level of internal employee movement within your organisation. For example, if an employee moves from one office to another, business VoIP will enable them to keep their original contact number even if that move is to another country.

Small business VoIP also means a reduction in the support network you will need to implement within your IT department. Because business VoIP runs adjacent to and as part of your IT infrastructure, you will no longer need dedicated telephony support, either internally or from an outside provider. VoIP providers will ensure that your network is set up properly and maintain it as part of your end-user agreement, but the need for additional staff dedicated to looking after your communications network is negated and can be integrated into existing IT support.

Increasing profit margins

External VoIP uses a technology that allows your business to establish and maintain a telephone communications network without the additional cost of extra hardware and equipment. Simply put, it means that you only need one input into your building or business to supply you with all your telephony requirements. VoIP providers specialise in providing small business VoIP systems and will work in conjunction with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to ensure that the two networks mesh seamlessly. It translates into a reduction in the number of lines that you will need, even if you have different contact numbers within your organisation, as all the numbers will be transmitted through a single line.

Whereas external VoIP is used to send and receive telephone calls from and to your business, internal VoIP is used as a total replacement for your existing phone system. The result is a reduction in the amount of hardware you need to invest in to create a high quality communications system, fewer man-hours dedicated to maintaining your telephony network and cheaper calls. For small business owners, VoIP offers a reliable and cheaper alternative to traditional telephony network systems, and could mean that your profit margins increase year on year.

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