This Happiness Of The "You" Of You Is Causeless by Elysha

by Elysha Elysha - Date: 2007-08-26 - Word Count: 621 Share This!

Happiness without a cause - this is who you are; this "you" of you; the seer, the one looking out through your eyes; the motion of aliveness that is flowing through your eyes.

This happiness of the "you" of you is causeless - it simply bubbles forth out of you being this one that is already true of you. The divine one of all time which is flowing through the very eyes of this mindbody that you find your self flowing through is also immutable, rocklike in its solidity, changeless, beyond beyondness even though it is also the everything of everything.

This one that is the "you" of you is boundless and infinitely rich in intelligence. It is the very isness of everything - and it is who you are, right now. Your thinking - and your belief in this thinking; your belief in who you think you are; your belief that you are this mind informed mindbody that you are travelling around through - is not going to deliver you from this continual misidentification of yourself to this "you" of you that is already and utterly free of all of your misconceptions.

A different and conscious focus of attention - instead of the unconscious inattention that you so casually and easily drift asleep into - is required for you to be the heart that is already true of this "you" of you. A different movement entirely is required of you, to the one that you generally and automatically play out, and who you think you are is completely resistant to this very movement from taking place.

The mind, as you know it, is to be transcended and this will not happen while you keep on believing your mind to be who you are. It is not who you are. Who you are is the motion of seeing that is flowing through your very eyes right now. The one that is flowing through your eyes is this "you" of you that you have not only failed to recognise but also failed to be delivered of the freedom that it is.

The conscious alignment of your attention to this very "aliveness" that is flowing through your very eyes right now and you stopping at and as this one, is what will have you realizing and being "you". It will have you immediately free from the prison and bondage of your own making through your persistence in attempting to be something that is notyou. It will have you complete in and as the one that is flowing through these eyes of this mindbody that you find yourself flowing through - this immensity of the rocklike mass of nothingness from which all things arise, completely impersonal, sheer isness ising, totally independent and beyond everything.

The immediacy of being this "you" of you - who you already are - has you complete in its freedom; free from the imaginations and perpetuations of your mind; at peace with everything exactly as it is in this moment, with no need to try and change any of it; it has you with nowhere to go and nothing to do. It leaves you at home and in the very heart and hub of existence itself.

There is nothing more to be attained in the immediate completeness of who you are - it is already complete. Once established in the stability of the realization of who "you" are then flowers the unravelling of the mind informancy of this mindbody that you find your self flowing through; after that begins the energetic intricacies of the "being" of this divine one as it makes itself more known through this mindbody with its fullness and purity.

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