Purses Wholesale - Profit from Selling Wholesale Handbags

by Brent Crouch - Date: 2007-04-24 - Word Count: 379 Share This!

There is great profit that can be made in selling wholesale handbags. Women love their purses, and the handbag has been present in women's wardrobes for well over one hundred years. With this infinite customer base it is only wise that you look into making a profit from buying handbags wholesale.

Passionate handbag carriers will have a purse for nearly every outfit, while the average woman estimated to have at least two different purses in a year. Do you see the dollar signs? If you will purchase handbags wholesale and mark them up to affordable yet profitable prices you will have a tremendous potential to make a profit.

The fact of the matter is that you cannot just buy some handbag, put it on the market and wait for the profits to roll in. You have to research the market and find out which purese sell best. Trying to sell a handbag that was popular 3 years ago probably won't do you much good.

Get on Ebay and see which handbags are the best sellers. One of the top handbag sellers on Ebay is called Bellavistaproducts. Be sure and check out what designs and styles they sell best when you are picking out your line of wholesale handbags. These guys have a feedback of over 20,000 so you know they are doing something right.

Besides selling new leather wholesale purses you also need to look into some slightly used designer bags as well. Choose some high end labels like Prada and Louis Vutton and watch your profits soar through the roof. Some of the handbags will sell for several hundred dollars. Do keep in mind that it can be difficult to get these handbags at wholesale prices, but many handbag wholesalers will offer look a likes for great prices.

If you desire to get into selling wholesale handbags on a regular basis you have got to have a variety. Your goal is to get repeat customers to buy from you. If you will offer different styles, brands, and colors you are sure to watch your business grow.

Brent Crouch is the owner of Jillian Distributors a leading wholesale supplier. He has spent the last 5 years taking his startup company from his garage to over a 1 millon dollar business selling wholesale leather, wholesale handbags, wholesale clothing, and other discount products to retailers.

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