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This article is a review of the new company Wealth Magnet System. While it is informative in nature, it is not meant to persuade you for or against the program.

The Wealth Magnet System was started by internet marketers and co-founders Jim Mack and Bryon Howell. It officially launched in June of this year as a two tier compensation plan. The following is a description of the Wealth Magnet System's business layout.

1) The Product

The products available in the "Ultimate Internet Marketers Showcase" are valued at over $7000 worth of tools, recordings, softwares, pdfs and manuals. These products will help you market the Wealth Magnet System program or any other program that you want to promote. In addition, there is a complete internet marketing course that will teach you Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation & Launch, List Building, Goal Setting, Article and Viral Marketing, Blogging and much more.

The recordings available to you are from well known internet marketers such as Stephen Pierce, Corey Rudl, Keith Baxter, Sherman Hu, Joe Vitale, Joe Polish and many more.

These products are valuable as a Wealth Magnet System distributor, but the products alone will not make you successful. You have to implement the teachings of these successful people in this or any other program to have the success that you are looking for.

2) Cost To Join

So what is the cost to join the Wealth Magnet System? The cost to get involved is entirely dependent upon which level you join. The Platinum Elite Level is $997 to join, plus a $29 website hosting fee. The Elite level costs $797 to join, plus the $29 website hosting fee. To join at the Basic level is $397, plus the website hosting fee of $29. The website hosting fee is paid monthly.

3) Pay Plan

This is the part that everyone is interested in and is one of the biggest factors in their decision to choose one business over the next. When you sell a Basic package you earn $200, $600 with an Elite sale, and $800 when you sell a Platinum Elite program. For every sale that your personally sponsored member makes, you earn $100 (2nd level, infinitely wide).) Since Wealth Magnet System is a two tier comp plan rather than a one up or two up program, you make the commissions immediately. The lack of having to pass up sales creates a better team dynamic as the distributors are paid immediately and never cut off.

So in conclusion, what makes Wealth Magnet System superior to another company? Nothing. It's all personal taste. What is your main objective when searching for a new company? You have to do your own due diligence and find out which company offers the best match to your wants and needs.


You can learn more information at Brian's Wealthy Marketer website. Author: Brian McCoy is an industry leading internet marketer and President and CEO of McCoy Marketing Group. His mission is to develop leaders into full time home business entrepreneurs.

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