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by Mari Gordon - Date: 2007-02-23 - Word Count: 580 Share This!

If it hasn't happened already, if you are in your late 40's or early 50's, most likely you will find yourself in a midlife crisis. You find yourself in an almost impossible situation with various aspects of your life. Your career basically has come to a dead end; your body is out of shape; your balance on your credit cards is high and you can't pay your bills off anymore. You seem to always be in a depressed state of mind. Those are all typical catalysts for a midlife crisis.

One day you wake up and you wonder-- where has your life gone? Stress mounts over pressures from work, money security or family. You wonder where the happiness in your life has gone as you endeavor to find it again. You find yourself struggling to manage your finances and your house, and providing for your kids while trying to make your marriage work. You find yourself wanting to yell out, "Help I'm having a midlife crisis."

Long gone are the days when we had job security. The fact is there is no job security anymore and that can cause a lot of unhappiness. Even if you are lucky enough to get a bonus or raise in your salary, quite often the excitement wears off quickly as time goes by. If you consider changing jobs, you must be cautious against finding a job too mundane as your last one. Step up to more responsibility, negotiate for a flexible schedule or a higher bonus or attempt to find a job closer to home to decrease your commute. Open your eyes to the fabulous opportunities that exist to increase your money earning potential. Consider ways to earn passive residual income in the field of direct marketing where you can be your own boss. Direct marketing is the fastest growing business sector and offers every person an opportunity for residual income, peace of mind and success.

Everyone will experiences life's multiple setbacks and hopefully they won't all hit at once. Illness, divorce, death, problems with children, debt, and now add to that - terrorism, a big reality in our lives. If you don't have control of your life, it will be very difficult to deal with these setbacks.

Be grateful for the good things that you possess, both materialistically and spiritually. Being thankful for a gift in your life can relieve unhappiness and release unhappy energy. In other words, take the time to smell the roses and most importantly, count your blessings. Don't take your life for granted. Attitude adjustments can occur naturally when you consciously enrich your life with new and different challenges. Volunteer for a needy organization, deliver a meal to a senior citizen, try a new exercise program, find stimulating activities, take a photography class, put on rose colored glasses, take a cooking class, try yoga, join a newcomers group to cultivate friendships. Empower your health by drinking Himalayan Goji Juice. Nudge your friends to take better care of themselves too. Friends can contribute tremendously to your happiness. Be creative as you age and take control of your destiny; you won't fall victim to the midlife crisis phenomenon.

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