Get Creative With Christmas Gifts This Season With Customized Bobbleheads

by Kevin Bell - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 300 Share This!

All this year, I have thought that my Christmas gifts will be different this year. Every year, I receive the same electronic gadgets, jumpers and T-shirts. Nothing personal in these gifts. Nothing that says that this is from ME to YOU. And the same thing happens when I am giving someone a gift. I run out of ideas and end up in Best Buy or the supermarket and buy N number of gifts for N number of people without putting too much thought on who will receive what.

So, I was scouting for the latest Christmas gift ideas and came across customized bobblehead dolls. I found this to be a great way of making your Christmas gifts personal. Each individual gift will be different as you can put your own image or picture and a personal message on the bobblehead doll.

So lets say you went for a vacation this year with your friend. Put that pic on the bobblehead doll and gift it to her with a personal message. For kids, you can add image of Santa so that they will know that Santa will be with them throughout this year. I like the message part a lot as each bobblehead doll can carry the name of the receiver. This way they will know that you have put special thoughts in the gift, which will definitely be appreciated.

This latest Christmas gift idea is a great way of personalizing your gift. This gift will be unique and personal. As a bobblehead doll is always close to the person like in cars or office desk, you will not go out of the receivers memory. Its time to add a little personal touch to your Christmas gifts this year and move away from the regular commercial gifts which are so impersonal and expensive.

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