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Fort Worth is a city that often struggles to escape the shadow cast by its slightly larger and much more well known sister city of Dallas. When people think of Texas Dallas is often want comes to mind. Fort Worth has a lot to offer however. One of the things it has to offer is an incredible zoo that actually puts the Dallas Zoo to shame. If you love animals or just need something fun to do, a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo is well worth your time. Keep reading and learn about the Fort Worth Zoo and what makes it worth visiting.

The Fort Worth Zoo is one of the top zoos in the country. It was first established back in 1909 with only a handful of animals including a lion, a couple of bears and a few other creatures. Since that time it has become a nationally recognized zoo and now houses over 5000 different animals. This includes both native animals and exotic animals from the world. The zoo is divided into a number of exhibits which attempt to recreate the animals natural environment. Among the exhibits is the popular African Savannah area which is home to animals such as giraffes, ostriches and rhinos. Another exhibit is the Raptor Canyon where you can see four different species of raptors including condors and of course eagles. In addition to these areas visitors will also see exhibits like the Asian Falls, World of Primates, Australian Outback, Parrot Paradise and much much more. The Fort Worth Zoo has something for everyone no matter what animals you are partial to. It is worth a visit and is a must see if you are visiting or if you are lucky enough to live in Fort Worth, Texas.

You can find the zoo at 1989 Colonial Parkway in Fort Worth Texas. Before you go for a visit be sure to call the zoo's information line for current hours, ticket prices and special events. The number is 817-759-7555. Have fun visiting the Fort Worth Zoo.

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