What Different Types of Safes Are Available

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There are a number of types of business and personal safes on the market, with varied degrees of security.

These consist of:

* Floor or Wall Safes - for protection from theft of valuables and documents: these are rated for time necessary to cut a 6in hole in the door. Many people also use these for storage of important documents or currency; however, a cash rated safe is recommended for large amounts of currency. If it is for storing business tills, it is usually recommended that the time rating is as long as you can afford, in the event of burglary, somebody may see the burglar, or they may give up.

* Fire Safes - UL rated according to how long the interior of the safe stays at 350 degrees in fires that reach an external temperature of 1700 degrees or more. This is an important factor with identification documents, which can be hard to replace without other identification. With increased security due to identity theft and terrorism, it is important to have your important identity documents survive a fire.

* Cash Rating Safes - rated by the amount of cash they hold, with increasing security and safety measures built in to increase as currency levels increase. Cash rating how much cash an insurance company will offer overnight cover, and this can vary between insurance companies and may be higher or lower than the rating. Cash ratings indicate levels of security by such factors as thickness of walls, how the lock and bolt works and barrier materials used.

As a general rule, cash ratings are multiplied by 10 for a non-cash or jewellery rating. As a guide, you can store approximately £10,000 of jewellery in £1000 cash rated safe. High Cash rated safes are normally tested to a Euro Grade specifications, where grading systems start at Grade 0. This grade has a cash rating of £6000.

* Laptop Safes - usually theft or fire safes, to hold laptops to prevent identity and information theft. Laptop Safes are normally data media rated for fire protection that is how long they will protect computer data, whether on laptop, disk or CD, from extreme heat in the event of a fire. Because of identity theft, and the fact many people store bank and credit card accounts on their computers, and some even store passwords, it is important to make sure you have a good theft and fire protection safe, for your laptop and important computer data media.

* Gun safes - to keep your guns safe and away from children or intruders. These safes are normally thin and tall, to accommodate shotguns or muzzleloaders and up to several guns and accessories.

Digital electronic access eliminates the possibility of combination or key entry compromise in the event of safe key theft or combination theft. Digital Electronic Access allows you to change an access code easily and quickly, immediately locking out other users, or terminated employees or possible security breaches.

It is possible to have safes installed into walls or concrete floors, hidden from view. The best way to keep your valuables safe is by installing the right business or personal safe security system for your needs.

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