Internet is Focus of New Reality TV Show From Hollywood

by Paul Sterling - Date: 2007-03-02 - Word Count: 653 Share This!

Every year more and more reality TV shows pop up.

It was only a matter of time before Reality TV landed on the internet with a prime time show. This one is called netSlingers and it will be leading the way for others to follow.

Hollywood has put together a topnotch team selecting a crew from TV Series like: In Living Color, America's Most Wanted, Hard Copy, Super Bowl XXXII, Billboard Awards Show, World Series of Poker, Top Cops, Mutant X, and various reality shows.

And here is the challenge..

Two teams of everyday people - prospective netSlingers who work in internet marketing on a daily basis - will compete to build the biggest, baddest, and most profitable cash-generating business on the Internet in just 90 days... Starting from scratch!

How will they do it? They will do it with the guidance, leadership and inside secrets of master netSlingers - the top Internet millionaires and success coaches available on the planet today.

Here is a partial list of the coaches that will be teaching the team. and possibly you too.

Tellman Knudson: With just one of his 30,000 person lists he masterminded over $1.5 million in sales in less than 15 months.

Dave Lakhani has been described as a "Marketing Genius", "Business Acceleration Strategist" and "Multipreneur" by his peers and the media. He has been responsible for developing dynamic strategies driving record breaking growth and increases in sales in more than 500 businesses in the past 10 years.

Christine Comaford Lynch, who has advised the White House on technology and small business strategies and has garnered numerous industry accolades.

Stephen Pierce teaches business owners how to turn around their sluggish businesses models and leverage their already existing company resources and design an optimized business system to chart a successful path in the marketplace.

Joe Polish: a self-made millionaire, Polish has organized products, people, intelligence, and hundreds of joint ventures and strategic alliances in a unique way that has led not only to great personal success, but to success for thousands of others affiliated with him or influenced by him.

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, the copywriting queen, won the 2005 Apex Award for Publishing Excellence. She contributed in the "Guerilla Copywriting" book with best-selling author Jay Conrad Levinson. Lorrie is a direct descendent of Ralph Waldo Emerson but swears their writing styles are completely different.

Alex Mandossian: since 1991, Alex Mandossian has generated over $233 million in sales and profits for his clients and partners via "electronic marketing" media such as TV Infomercials, online catalogs, 24-hour recorded messages, voice/fax broadcasting, Teleseminars, Webinars, Podcasts and Internet Marketing.

T. Harv Eker who is known as "the millionaire maker." Using the principles he teaches, T. Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only 2 1/2 years! He combines a unique brand of 'street-smarts with heart'. T. Harv Eker is the founder and president of Peak Potentials Training, the fastest growing personal development company in North America.

And many, many more.

How much money can someone really make in just 90 days using the Internet and armed with the right information? $10,000? $25,000? $75,000?

This is an interesting new business model, mixing entertainment, education, television and the internet. Many big businesses will be watching closely.

I may be watching very closely myself as I have been invited to apply to be on the show. Check out my web site for details at Magic Relationship dot Com forward slash Vote. You can watch a 3 minute video and enjoy the ride. You can also sign-up at the the authors web-site and get updated on what is happening behind the scenes.

This will be a very interesting mix as Hollywood brings together the Apprentice and the internet and you get to watch, learn and profit.

Paul Sterling will be competing to be on the Reality TV show
netSlingers. To Vote for Paul go to . To visit Paul's Relationship Communication web-site go to

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