Becoming a Mistress-controversial in Its Own Right

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Becoming a Mistress is the title of the first Mistress Series Short Stories by Destiny Blaine. It is a fun, seductive, little read which is classified by Ms. Blaine as an "afternoon delight" while many refer to these lengths in erotica as "quickies" and either way, this one is sure to give you some kind of thrill!

Destiny Blaine broke into the market with Murder by Numbers which is a short story some say may be her best to date. It is one that leads you to the end of your seat and grasping on tight wanting to see what's next. It is one of my personal favorites. Of course, Becoming a Mistress has quite a following and is generating positive and negative whispers.

Well written it is, tip-toeing around the art of seduction and betrayal-it isn't. Ms. Blaine almost candy-coats having an affair as if everyone is doing it or perhaps, should do it. However, that's not to say she can't (or won't) write from the other viewpoint. Still, Destiny Blaine has received a lot of feedback on her work. From high marks to low ratings to reader mail that can "tear your heart out" as she describes. Why? Because she does, and admits to it, romanticizes the relationship between a doctor and his mistress.

Becoming a Mistress is the first title of several planned in the Mistress Series and Destiny Blaine is ready for the controversy. "It's fiction and if readers will keep that in mind, they'll enjoy it. However, I think even if those who oppose the subject matter will follow it through-they'll actually enjoy the last two short stories." We think so too because the final two promise a Blaine-signature twist!

While there are many erotica romances and just plain erotic reads without any element of romance on the virtual shelves today, Blaine is one who will write whatever she feels compelled to write at the time making no apologies for it. "I understand some of my readers will not like what I write when it comes to writing about extramarital affairs but this is something that will continue to be written about as long as readers are out there craving it. However, I will also write about the one man, one woman romances too and the sex scenes will be every bit as powerful as what you see in the Mistress Series."

When asked why she felt the need to "romanticize" the relationship between her leading couple in Becoming a Mistress, she put it bluntly. "Look, let's be honest. If someone has an affair, something isn't perfect at home. I'm sorry but it's true and yes, if they stay in an ongoing affair, there's a spark there or else it won't be worth the trouble so does an affair become romantic? Probably. Is it sexy, seductive, and uninhibited? Most likely. Is that going to hit a few people in the wrong spot? Definitely. However, it's the truth and so my couple in The Mistress Series is going to be controversial."

Yes, Destiny they'll be controversial but you're right, they'll be true to life for those who engage in these types of relationships and that may be what really strikes the chord with some erotica romance readers. However, after talking to Ms. Blaine, I must say those who are opposed to affairs will certainly love, laugh, and smile at the final chapter of The Mistress Series! It's one which promises to be a show-stopper with a definite ending!

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