Air Conditioning, Reno Maintenance Tips For The Summer

by Shawn Bailey - Date: 2010-07-25 - Word Count: 347 Share This!

It's already summer and we all know how hot it can get here in Reno. That is why a good air conditioning unit becomes a necessity here in Reno rather than a luxury. And if you haven't had your air conditioner serviced yet, then now might be a good time before you've realized that your unit is not running properly.

There are some maintenance tasks that we can do ourselves and there are things that will require a professional. For example, we can clean or replace air conditioner filters ourselves. It's an easy task. It should be done once a month and should be a regular duty throughout Reno's hot season.

If your air conditioner unit is making noise, then you should check your unit's fan. Remember that different kinds of debris may clog up in there and may cause some problems with the fan. The fan motor should also be lubricated. Just remember to first turn-off the power before doing any work on it.

Air conditioner fins that are bent should also be straightened. If those fins are bent, it can restrict proper air flow. Your air conditioning Reno home supply stores should have fin combs that might help you do this job easily.

An annual maintenance check should also be on your list. It can prevent small problems from becoming big and expensive. An early maintenance visit from your local air conditioning Reno technician can also save you money. Usually, peak summer season repair visits comes with a high prices.

Typically, an air conditioning Reno technician should provide coil cleaning, air filters, condensation line, electrical and duct inspections. And lastly, they should also check your unit's power consumption. They should know if your unit is operating at full efficient power.

Remember that incase there is a problem that you don't know how to fix, it is always better to contact your air conditioning Reno technician. They should know how to fix most common air conditioner problems. Taking chances on fixing things you don't know about might cause you more problems. So let the expert do this kind of job for you.

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