The Goddess Speaks on Love and the Law of Attraction

by Elizabeth Stahl - Date: 2007-02-06 - Word Count: 776 Share This!

The Goddess is here to speak to you briefly about the power you hold within, the power to create your life in the image of love and beauty.

You are always loved dearest one, you are always loved. Love is within every breath you take, for love is life itself.

Recently, I ran a Goddess Party in Salem and while we were in our sacred circle, a woman there received the Goddess card of Self-hood. When it was her turn to speak about what this meant to her, she surprised the group in her response. With tears streaming down her face she stated emphatically, that she doesn't like this idea of Self-Hood. She doesn't want to be with herself. She is sick and tired of having to take care of her self and she wants someone else to do it for her. When the group spoke to her about what self-hood truly meant, being whole and complete unto ourselves, and that it doesn't mean we have to be alone, she seemed unwilling to acknowledge or even tolerate the idea. This Goddess represents a large number of women, who are stuck in the fantasy of being rescued and who are losing their connection to the vital force of love which lives in every single cell of their being. I tell you this…Until you realize that you are love and already complete, you will continue to create that which feels unloving and incomplete. This is the Law of Attraction. Anything we look for outside ourselves will remain outside of ourselves, until we realize that what we desire already lives within us.

When you think about the type of love you want to attract, what are the attributes you are looking for? For these are the keys to your greater experience of love, the keys to unlocking these aspects within your self.

1. Do you treat yourself and speak to yourself as you would speak to the one you love on a daily basis?

2. Are you aware of the inner thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep you from loving yourself wholly, holy and whole?

3. Do you secretly hold shame about yourself, shame that sets off a vibration of not being good enough to be loved?

4. Do you understand that it is not about him or her, but that it is about you and only you?

The Law of Attraction is a Universal law and it states that every thought, action and emotion you put out will come back to you. What you attract is exactly what you are calling for, thinking of and acting on. When we focus on what we are lacking we create more lack. Look at how many times a day you speak about what you don't want and don't like? When the woman with the self-hood card clearly stated what she didn't want, we can only imagine that the law of attraction is answering her with more of the same. Be mindful of your emotions dearest ones, for these are the fertile clay in which you sculpt your reality, take note that your emotions and subconscious thoughts are truly calling the shots. The process towards greater love begins with this awareness and a shift to a higher vibration.

If you want a lover who is successful, then you must learn to set goals and take actions towards your own success; if you want a lover who is attractive, then you must radiate your own attractiveness. Your relationship to yourself is the mirror to the relationships you seek. If you need support to relearn how to love yourself, to reshape your life, and take the baby steps, then get it! There are many of us whose life work it is to support you in reconnecting to your goals, dreams and self-love. There are many of us who as life coaches, soul coaches, Goddess coaches are here to guide you back to the blessed life you came to the planet to live.

As humans we have a dual nature. We have a part that is ego based, born of our perceptions of what we think we should have and what we are missing. This part always feels incomplete and when we focus our lives from this perspective alone we continue the spiral. But, we have another part too, the part that is our soul self, our divine God/Goddess self. This Self is the spirit of love, beauty, truth, connection and creativity within us. Wholeness comes from embracing these dual aspects, it is the marriage we make within the temple of our own bodies.

Rekindle the relationship with yourself and allow the Law of Attraction to bless you with a sense of wholeness and abundant love.

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Elizabeth Stahl, B.A., N.H.C., is the creator and facilitator of "My Goddess Party", Star of Aphrodite Life Coaching, The Girls and Goddesses Parties - for girls ages 12 and up. Elizabeth has 16 years of experience in the Natural Health Field specializing in Women's Health and Wellness. She combines her practice as a Natural Health Consultant (NHC), with her Life Coaching practice, Goddess Parties and Sacred Women's Circles. Elizabeth infuses Girls and Women with the essence of their divine feminine spirit and encourages their growth towards the women they want to be.

She is available for private sessions, group work, classes and Virtual Goddess Parties.

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