Floor Fountains - the Main Features and How to Use Them?

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Basics of Floor Fountains

Floor fountains are ornamental water features which can be added to any room to help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  They work using just a couple of key devices, the pump, a water tray and the backdrop, all of these combined together help to create a wonderful item that can give relaxation and joy to the owner for many years to come.

Require No Plumbing or Installation

One of the key factors to note about Floor Fountains is they require no plumbing, this is great as they are easy to move around (depending on the size) and extremely easy to setup.  Unlike other types of water fountain such as the wall fountains they do not require any form of installation, all that is required is a flat surface to rest the fountain against such as a wall.

Where are they best used?

If you are buying Floor Fountains then it is best to either have them placed directly against a wall or they can be used as a room divider.  There are some little tricks that can be used to ensure they look as good as possible when in place.  Firstly, if you are buying one that stands against a wall then get a solid style such as mirrored, this will allow you to cover up the wall space so it does not show through and the floor fountain will look much better.  However, if you are having a room divider then it is best to use a clear backdrop and when the water flows over the backdrop it will act as a frost.  Floor fountains can also be used outside and make excellent visual statements in the garden or on the patio.   

What are they made from?

Generally you will find that the floor fountains are made from natural materials, these tend to be slate, glass, copper or ceramic.  Increasingly now though steel floor fountains are the preference for many, and this is due to the effect the water has when it runs over the steel.  Due to the popularity there are now an increasing number of the steel floor fountain designs to be found. 

The Visual and Sound Impact

Whichever type of floor fountain you choose they create a superb relaxing atmosphere and enhance the room or outdoor space where you have them.  Many of the floor fountains you can buy are hand crafted and every care goes into ensuring each and every piece looks and sounds great.  The beauty of a floor fountain is once you have it in place then it is virtually maintenance free, all you need to do is add some water every now and then.   So if you want a unique and dramatic statement for your home, garden or office a floor fountain will provide everything you need and more.

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