How to Use Law of Attraction to Bring in More Money

by Robert Palmer - Date: 2007-02-02 - Word Count: 516 Share This!

However, since you only reap what you sow, if it�s money what you put in then it is money you will get; on the contrary, if poverty is what radiates from your attitude then it�s only poverty you will end up with. Subsequently, it is only natural that abundance attracts abundance.

As a consequence, you need to grow fully aware of LOA. First of all, you should ask for money, wish it in your life, then make it welcome and actually let it give your life the true meaning of �rich�. In order to do all that, the fundamental necessity is to design a pattern of living that should agree with your purpose: this means you actually have to open your arms to embrace the possibility for money to enter your life. When money knocks at your door, open it and ask it in.

Next your thoughts and feelings need to vibrate in accordance with the idea of abundance. Positive thinking is your major ally in the process. If you radiate negative feelings on a regular basis, it is negative outcomes what you will get. For positive consequences you need to act upon positive premises. In other words, when you think about money, don�t turn it into a matter of complaint. Think exclusively about the abundance already manifest in your life; don�t turn deficiencies into the leading �topic� of your concerns. When you feel good about how things are organized in your life, then your life will come to feel good with you and increase the positive aspects you are already seizing.

Then you need to agree your desire and your vibration. When you think: �I need $1000 to pay for my courses this semester�, you are actually expressing your wish for money. This is one plus point for you. You have grown aware of your desire. But when you say: �There�s no possible way for me to get that money�, you actually manage to invalidate the previous plus point: you simply don�t vibrate positively. When desire and vibration aren�t on the same level, LOA is set in motion and acts in accordance with your vibration. Think about this: a negative approach will actually prevent you from working properly for earning money. When your work is interfered with by negative influences, the results are detrimental; they will work against you.

Finally, try to get accustomed with loving the money you have, even if that money that is set aside for paying bills. Don�t grow anxious about the money you have to give; don�t hate it just because you need to give it away. Money is made to be spent, even if part of it goes to paying bills. It is an attitude going back to the positive thinking previously mentioned. In the end, you need to stay permanently at a positive level of attitude: positive results won�t fail to turn visible.
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