5 Building Blocks for a Healthy Body

by Dave Mar - Date: 2006-12-28 - Word Count: 679 Share This!

AIR You cannot live 10 minutes without it....So deep breath often - IT'S A FREEBIE!!And it's the best stimulant for all your organs and glands. "The Breath of God is good clean Breath of Fresh Air." When you breath correctly and deeply, it makes exercising a pleasure. Air is the most important function in raising the bodies vitality to its HIGHEST POTENTIAL and the more air you get into your body, the more wastes and poisons your body is going to burn up. REMEMBER, there's no such thing as a disease - just a polluted body.

WATER You cannot live 100 hours without it!! Try to make it DISTILLED, (if you're drinking your tap water, you're drinking the nations processed sewer water) as distilled is the purest water known and is the best drink for PERFECT KIDNEY HEALTH. It's so pure that it's the PERFECT LIQUID for the Blood. Remember: YOU CAN'T GET CLEAN WATER OUT OF A DIRTY PIPE. Tap water is only good for washing windows. The Best Sources of GOOD PURE WATER ARE: 1) From the juices of fruits and vegetables. 2) Steamed Distilled Water.

SUNSHINE Your body craves Solar Energy. Every living organism or being depends on the sun for its very existence. The Sunshine is the greatest promoter of digestion, healing, life, fertility and is nature's nerve tonic. It increases the quality of your Blood by 25%. It helps to control your weight and utilise your foods better. It's among the best known stimulant for the Sex Glands. And it helps more ailments than all the drugs in the world. Don't overdo your sunbathing as it WILL be harmful - DO NOT sunbathe between 11am and 2pm. The HOT infra-red burning rays are too strong and you can't tan then. BEST TIMES - sun up 'till 11am and 2pm till sundown as that's when the ultra violet tanning rays are the best!! I never recommend any more than 2 hours at any one period of sunbathing. (By the inch...it's a cinch, by the yard...it's hard.).

Hint: when you lay in the sun try to have your feet to the SOUTH and head to the NORTH (ALSO WHEN SLEEPING) and to lay at least 1/3 of your time with your head lower than your feet. This way your blood nourishes the Brain and takes wastes from the legs and feet to the heart for purification.

NUTRITION Make this an important aspect in the realm of HEALTH. Whatsoever was the father of a disease; an ill-diet was the mother. How strange a creature is man, who will at times go to such extremes to preserve his life, only to shorten it at the dinner table! He will eat and drink anything put in front of him but check very carefully the oil he puts in his car. Death is brought to the Body when it is so bogged down and saturated with toxic poisons from poor nutrition that it can no longer function. I have noticed that to many people, Health is nothing until they've lost it! When God made our bodies he made perfect law and order - when we violate these, we have to suffer the consequences. Eat Graciously and Scientifically.

PHYSICAL FITNESS He who cannot find time for exercise will have to find time for illness (WALK 1 HOUR EVERY DAY - BRISKLY). Remember, your waistline is your lifeline and dateline. Best exercise of all is Walking and there's no special equipment needed other than a good pair of shoes. Next to walking, swimming is the best. Don't forget to exercise your muscles - when you don't use them you loose them. They keep all your vital organs and glands in place to work properly. There has never been a change that brought blessing to humanity which wasn't ridiculed at first - So let them laugh at you as you get into your health, as you never get tackled unless you're running with the ball. There's a price tag on everything in life. "There ain't no free lunch, when you dance - you pay the fiddler!".

STAY IN SHAPE and in tune with the Natural Laws of LIFE.

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