Unbelievable - Dollars With Your Digital Camera

by Guy Citrinite - Date: 2007-04-03 - Word Count: 441 Share This!

It really is unbelievable, dollars with your digital camera. Remember the old days before digital cameras? You put a roll of film in your Brownie or your 35mm camera before you went on that picnic. There you took pictures of all the activities during the afternoon, you know, playing softball, pitching horseshoes, firing up the grill and especially eating the hot dogs, hamburgers and watermelon.

When you returned home after a great day with family and friends, you took the film out of the camera and the next day, you dropped it off at the corner drug store for processing. After a few days you would pick up the finished photos and show them to all the family and friends who were at the picnic.

Do you know that today, going through the same scenario and taking the same pictures, you could possibly earn dollars from these photos if they were taken with your digital camera. That's right, dollars with your digital camera. The difference is the advent of the Digital Camera and Internet Access. With your Digital camera, you no longer have to load a roll of film, into your camera, which will give you 12 or 24 pictures. now, your Digital camera contains a disk that can hold hundreds of pictures that you can view immediately after taking them.

Then instead of bringing your roll of film to the drug store for processing, with your Digital camera, you upload the photos you took right to your computer for viewing, printing or emailing to friends and family. No more waiting for the film to be processed, no more being disappointed in a particular photo and having no chance to retake immediately it like you can with digital photography. Digital photography bring all sorts of advantages, one of them being that you can earn dollars with your Digital camera.

There is a big market online for your photographs! You don't have to be a professional photographer to participate, all you need is Internet access and the information contained in a new E Book just published. This book takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how you can become involved in this money making home business.

All you do is aim and shoot. You will be taught the best subjects to shoot, the type of photos to shoot, who will buy your photos and where and how to sell your photos online right on your computer. Everything you need to know is carefully explained in this new E Book So what are you waiting for? Get ready It's time to start earning dollars with your Digital Camera just by taking pictures and showing them online.

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