List Building 101 - Using Giveaways To Get Sign-Ups

by Gary Gross - Date: 2007-01-27 - Word Count: 481 Share This!

Using Giveaways is a very effective method to help build your list. There are many giveaways, making it easy to keep the sign-ups coming. It can be overwhelming if you start with several at once, so take it slow at first and participate in more as you feel you can handle the deluge of sign-ups.

How to use Giveaway Sites

Signing up as a contributor at a giveaway site is easy. Go to the Giveaway site, click on the link for contributors and follow the direction given. Nothing could be simpler.

Once visitors sign up to your list, you have a targeted market for other products. The fact that they wanted to download what you offer in the giveaway tells you they are interested in your business.

Using a Squeeze Page for Giveaways

Now, how do you get visitors to sign up for your list? Use a Squeeze Page to get their name and e-mail address before letting them download your product. Then there are two options. First is to immediately redirect them to your download page and, second, is to send them a confirmation link by e-mail to double opt-in to your list, followed by a welcome e-mail with the download link. The double opt-in is advisable, especially for those new to giveaways, because it helps prevent people from claiming that you are spamming them when you send further e-mails. The more a visitor wants your product, the more likely they are to give you their contact information.

Using products as Giveaways to build your list

Don't make the mistake of using a low value product as a giveaway. People are looking for good value, even if it is free. Most visitors understand that they are also subscribing to the product owner's list. If your product is of low value, they will unsubscribe if they even bother to download your product at all. Remember, using a product with good selling value doesn't mean you can't sell it later. There are always people who did not participate in the Giveaway. How to determine a good value range for your Giveaway product? Well, $47 to $97 is a very good range. You will more than make up for it in future sales to your new subscribers. The value of your product helps establish your credibility, which is very important in how you and your business will be perceived. This alone makes a high value product worth giving away as your new subscribers will be more likely to snap up offers you send them in the future.

Have fun building your list through Giveaways

Now that you have decided to contribute in a Giveaway, have fun with it. It is very exciting to watch the new sign-ups come pouring in. Just be sure to follow up with equal or better quality and value in your contacts with these new subscribers and they will stay with you. You could become addicted to Giveaways.

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