How To Be Organized As A Work From Home Mom

by Cynthia Overfield - Date: 2007-08-02 - Word Count: 640 Share This!

Women like me have many reasons for becoming work from home moms. There are loads of options for women to make a good living from the comfort of their homes while being able to spend time with their families. I can honestly say that becoming a work from home mom requires structure, but once you become organized, this career option is very easy. In this day in age with the computer technology that we have, you can start a home business and help your family out financially while still being around to raise your children. Because much of the workload is on the computer, moms can set their own schedules and manage their time to fit their own needs.

Even if you can only work a few hours a day on your home business, a comfortable income is possible. These few hours could bring in money, but the more hours you work the more money you could possibly earn. The key is to not work in large blocks of time everyday because you will be wasting the valuable time you spend with your family. Spending time with your family is the reason why as a mom, you want to work from home in the first place. Pace yourself. You do not want to wear yourself out as if you were still commuting back and forth to your outside the home job. You will not be doing yourself or your family any favors.

There are many things you can do to get and keep yourself organized running your home business.

1. Take full advantage of nap times. While your children are sleeping, you will have guilt free time for yourself. Spend time with your family in the evening then work on your business after everyone else has gone to bed.

2. Use your time wisely. Do not check your email every five minutes during the day. I used to do this and found that once I sat down to check my mail, I needed to do a few other miscellaneous items while I was online. I find that checking my email a couple of times throughout the day; answering anything that needed my immediate attention, and then saving the rest for when I could deal with all my mail at once was a better option.

3. Set up a voice mail system so you can retrieve your calls when you can sit undisturbed for a long stretch of time. It will be easier to manage each phone call and give it the attention that is required.

4. No one can tell you exactly how to manage your time because each individual is unique. I strongly suggest scheduling a coaching session with one of your up line or a professional coaching service. These people are time management specialists. Take advantage of their wealth of information. You will find that your life as a work from home mom will be ten times easier to manage.

Trying to simplify your family/home business is indeed one of the biggest challenges you may ever have to face. Many online websites are unique to home business moms. These sites can help you find other moms who want to, or are make money from home, and are willing to share their downfalls and success stories. You can learn from the women who have gone before you. The fact of the matter is, running a home business is easy, but if you do not invest a small amount of time to get your home and work life organized, you may wind up putting more hours in at home, than you did at your regular job. That means less money per hour and less time spent with your family.

The bottom line: Get information from others in the know. Get organized. Use your time wisely and you will have the best chance for success with your home business.

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Cynthia Overfield is a work from home mom. She lives in the wonderful state of Wyoming with her husband, daughter and her son who is Autistic. For information on home businesses and women specific coaching visit her website at: Work From Home on the InternetThe resource box must be included when reprinting. Your Article Search Directory : Find in Articles

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