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Shania Twain tickets have been a hot commodity on the music scene for many years, and she's getting back to what she does best - perform live, at venues across the continent. Twain's style and overall persona have captured the hearts of millions of fans and music-lovers alike, and a look at her life will provide some insight as to how she managed to rise to the top of the country music world.

Early Life

Eileen Regina Edwards was born in Windsor, Ontario, on August 28, 1965. She had a difficult childhood, which began when her parents separated when she was only two. Her mother remarried a member of the Ojibwa First Nation Tribe, Jerry Twain, and at that point her last name was changed to Twain.

Twain grew up poor with her "new" parents, and as a child she often had to go out and sing in clubs or any other setting where she could make a bit of money to help with the household. Twain's mother encouraged her singing efforts, but she also battled intermittent depression, which was something that had an effect on Twain in her later songs and lyrics.

Although Twain got an early start with live performances, tragedy struck when she was 22. On November 1, 1987, Twain's mother and stepfather were killed in a car accident, and Twain was forced to take on the care of her younger siblings. She did so by moving to Huntsville, Ontario and performing at a local resort.

First Break and Success

Twain's performances went largely unnoticed for a time, but as luck may have it, an entertainment attorney from Nashville heard one of her shows at the resort and invited her to record a demo tape. This demo tape led to a recording contract, and upon signing the contract, Eileen changed her name to "Shania," which is an Ojibwa word that means "I'm on my way." Indeed she was.

Shania's first two albums were not successful, and she felt that was due to her lack of involvement in writing the songs and producing the sound. However, before she went to work on her third album, she met a producer, "Mutt" Lange, who helped her nurture her sound.

Twain's 1995 release The Woman in Me was a smash hit, and set the stage for the rest of her recording career. Twain was also recognized for her beauty, and Shania Twain tickets soon became popular for fans who wanted to hear her talented voice and to see her in-person.

Since her release of The Woman in Me, Twain has released three subsequent albums, all of which rose to number one on the US Country charts. She has become one of the most recognizable talents in the world, and she even performed at the Super Bowl.


During her time at the forefront of the music scene, Twain has released 15 singles that rose to number one on the charts, and she has also enjoyed a bit of a cross-over into the mainstream music market, which is a rare achievement for a country artist. Twain has also won five Grammy Awards, and she continues to tour regularly.

If you want to see an emerging musical icon live, secure Shania Twain tickets for an evening of soulful music and sultry on-stage performances.

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