Canon Multifunction Printers

by Milos Pesic - Date: 2006-12-01 - Word Count: 338 Share This!

The names of those who set today's standards in optical, graphical and imaging technologies are defined solidly on stone, and among those is the brand name of Canon. Canon first became a major player with its ground breaking release of the Canon EOS 300 Digital Camera. Recently, Canon has once again made a nominative benchmarking entry with its multifunction machine series, the Canon imageCLASS Multifunction Series.

There had been forerunners to the multifunction machines. These machines were first introduced by Okidata during the late 1980. But due to poor compatibility to most systems, especially outside its native Japan, these machines didn't get much reputation. It has poor reliability, too, and this is a major disappointment to a machine that is very critical to breakdowns as its failure would also result to failure in most or all of its sub systems.

Canon may have the benefit of example with Okidata's earlier release such that the Canon Multifunction Printers have become a benchmarking entry for other releases.

There are points to be considered about Canon Multifunction Printers though. Because they incorporate several office units into one cohesive machine, including a computer printer (usually inkjet with color and monochrome capability), a scanner, a photocopier and a laser printer, the printing output is usually inferior to the most high end standalone inkjet printer. Also, a standalone scanner has greater speed than that of Canon Multifunction Printers.

All in all, getting Canon Multifunction Printers can be justified by several benefits. Among the obvious would be space and price efficiency as opposed to getting all components individually. Next is less work hassle (e.g. scanning then direct feed to a fax, or printing then photocopying etc.)

With the prospects of home offices in a brighter light, this makes Canon Multifunction Printers specially designed equipment. And it makes everything simplified: a PC, a telephone line with internet connection, a stack of A6s, a couple of bright business ideas, plus of course a multifunction and your ready to go.

So choose your model of the Canon Multifunction Printers and start your business today.

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