Secrets Of Mlm Success: Seven Powerful Questions That Will Explode Your Enrollments!

by Jim Keayes - Date: 2007-08-15 - Word Count: 690 Share This!

Here's the first rule of making a presentation

"Your prospect doesn't really care about you."

All those people in the cars around you in the traffic… do you think they're thinking about you? Not a chance! They're totally focused on themselves and their own lives. They don't even know you exist.

So don't talk about yourself. Just give them the bare minimum introduction about yourself and why you're there.

Something like:

"Hey, thanks for fitting me into your schedule. I know you're busy. I'm really excited about what I'm going to show you tonight/today. It's totally changing my financial future."

Often the first few minutes of a meeting can be awkward… neither of you knows what to say. You're afraid of rejection and they don't know if they can quite trust what you're going to tell them.

You shouldn't work from a script, that can make you stiff and unnatural, but an outline of how the meeting will proceed can create a lot of comfort for everyone.

You need to qualify your prospect. Is this someone you really want to work with?

Asking questions puts you in control of the meeting and puts your prospect at ease because they are talking about themselves.

So having a prepared series of questions really helps to smooth the way. You can even have them on a questionnaire form if you like which you fill out while you're there. Lots of professional sales people gather information this way. Look what happens to you at the bank.

Here are some of the questions I ask:

1. "I've been wondering about you guys. Can I ask why you decided to take a look at this program?"

After they answer you congratulate them and ask your next question.

2. "Wow! That's really interesting. You know, if you don't mind, it would be helpful to me if I could understand a little more about your situation. May I ask you some questions?"

Then you ask: "You said that the reason you decided to look at this program was because… (repeat what they told you). What did you mean by that?"

3. And next the money question:

"Are you completely satisfied with the amount of money you're making right now?"

"Why do you say that?"

"What monthly income would make your life more comfortable?"

4. Freedom:

"Do you feel you are getting enough free time to be with your family and do the things you really enjoy?"

"Gee, that's a lot of hours at work. Do you see that changing?

"How do you feel about the commute?"

5. The job:

"What are you working at now?"

"How long have you been doing that?"

And then no matter if it's a long time or a short time you say:

"So you must really like what you do?"

"Oh! What exactly don't you like about your work?"

6. The first commitment question.

Here we get them to begin taking ownership of how your business could offer a solution to their problems.

"You said you would like more: money, time, freedom, security, job satisfaction, time for golf, money for education etc… "

Try to repeat back to them here the exact words they used to answer your questions… it's very powerful to do this.

"So if you could find a way to have that, would you find that attractive?"

7. This is the most important question of all.

Here we get them to take even more ownership of how your opportunity can give them what they want.

"If I can demonstrate to you that my company's business opportunity will solve all of the issues you have expressed to me today, are you ready to make a serious commitment and get started?"

The odds of them saying yes to this question are extremely high and if they do, the odds of them joining your business (if you want them) are extremely high too.

Finally… you get to show them your presentation.

But you've really prepared the ground and they will most likely be very receptive.

One on one presentations are very powerful but we want to incorporate all the tools we possibly can to achieve big success in our MLM business. Often people who work in the warm market neglect to harness the power of the internet. Using the internet to generate leads can really up your game.

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