Samsung J700 Review: Enjoying More-than-just-a-basic-phone Features for a Price for a Basic Mobile Phone

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Mobile phones were made primarily for communications. In that sense, the Samsung J700 can be a good choice for a mobile phone. One does not have to spend too much just to have the chance to use the basic functionalities of a mobile phone. With Samsung J700, the consumer will have more than just the basic phone use at a price for a basic mobile phone.

The Edge of Samsung J700

The Samsung J700 is among the most elegant low-end mobile phones in the market. It is a slid-up elegant shiny black phone that can provide the user almost all of what a mobile phone can offer. Calling, texting, Internet connection, Bluetooth, and PC connectivity are all in the Samsung J700. So what is the catch with Samsung J700? It's the mobile phone's price that will make any potential user wow the product.

About US$200 is the market value of the Samsung J700. Compared to luxury phones, the Samsung J700 is almost half or lesser half their price. That matters a lot to some consumers who cannot buy a luxury phone or does not really need the functionalities of a luxury phone.

The feature offerings of the Samsung J700 are also very generous. One can also have all of a modern phone's functionalities at a very low price. Its features are undeniably great with the kind of phone and the phone's market value. Anyone with a low budget who wants to have the basic functionalities of a phone can surely enjoy the Samsung J700.

The phone is also easy to use according to many Samsung J700 reviews. Easy grip and light weight will also make anyone like the Samsung J700. It only weight about 92 grams, including the camera with the dimension of 99.5 x 48 x 14.8mm. These are great dimension and weight for a slid-up mobile phone. Many potential users will surely find the Samsung J700 one of best mobile phone deals.

Other Features of the Samsung J700 for Consumers

Aside from the basic communication features, the Samsung J700 also has a nice 1.3 megapixel camera, which can be used to take as big as 1280x960 pixels of picture. The mobile phone also has a video capability, an FM radio, and multimedia player.

The mobile phone also features a voice memo, currency converter, BT printing, and organizer. It has one of the most durable batteries for mobile phones with its Li-Ion 800.

Also, aside from the classic elegant black, the Samsung J700 may also come in hot pink for a more elegant and stylish fashion.

Some Samsung J700 Downsides

Many mobile phone critiques say that consumers should never expect to find a high-end performance from the Samsung J700. Some phone's features are only available at low-end or low quality. For example, its support for Java application is limited only to files that are not larger than 300 kilobytes. Some applications that are very small in size may not also work properly because of the phone's low quality of display.

Meanwhile, the Internet is not as fast as other mobile phones. Many Samsung J700 reviews say that this phone is not for those who frequently surfs the Internet.

There are no other downsides reported by some Samsung J700 reviews. Anyway, these downsides will not deny that the Samsung J700 is still among the best mobile phone deals in the market. Its sleek design, basic features, and low price will surely make the Samsung J700 among the best mobile phone deals.

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