Luxury Watches-a Cut Above The Rest

by Jonathan Blocker - Date: 2008-07-27 - Word Count: 452 Share This!

Watches are more than just simply timepieces when they are luxury watches. Designer watches, including womens and mens watches, are not only useful for keeping track of the time but also an elegant piece of jewelry that you will be proud to wear. If you are selecting a watch, you might choose a diamond watch or choose from a vast array of mens gold watches for that special occasion that warrants an equally special gift.

For The Special Moments In Life--A Diamond Watch

Certain watch companies specialize in luxury watches, embellished in diamonds, which are intended to be worn as jewelry. Cartier, Rolex, and Ebel all specialize in top quality luxury watches. Athletes are partial to the Rolex, because certain models are suitable for extreme sport use, such as mountain climbing, flying in an airplane, and deep sea diving. Rolex offers three lines of designer watches, which include the Cellini, Professional and Oyster Perpetual. Some of these watches are chonometers, while others are chronographs, and some combine both characteristics. Chronometers are watches that are designed to meet precision standards and that designation comes with certification. A chronograph, on the other hand, allows the wearer to not only tell time with the watch but also use the watch as a stopwatch.

Specialty mens watches also can come with several different complications. This is not a negative feature when it comes to watches, however. It simply means that the watch comes with specialty features that make the internal mechanisms of the watch more complicated. Complications commonly found on high-end watches can include a tourbillon, which is used to diminish the effects that gravity can have on the accuracy of the timekeeping mechanism within the watch. Many watches come with calendars, and it is considered a complication to bring the calendar up to the standard of a perpetual calendar, which is accurate for more than one year, and deals with corrections made due to small variations in year lengths. For those who need to know what time it is even in the dark when seeing the face of the watch might be out of the question, a complication is available which is known as a repeater. This is a chime that can be set to ring on the hour and even on the minute. Some luxury watches also include the capacity to show the moon phases, referring to what the moon looks like to an observer. A double chronograph is sometimes available on some high-end watches that includes two separate stopwatches in addition to the watches' regular timekeeping mechanisms.

There are luxury watches available to meet every need that you might have from a beautiful watch that can do more than just keep you on time.

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