Issues to be Raised When Interviewing Nanny Applicants (With a Little Help From a Hidden Nanny Cam)

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Like any other employer, the interview portion of the hiring process is very important. You can gauge the nanny's personality and professionalism with a comprehensive interview, which will play a significant role in your final decision. With a little help from your hidden nanny cam, you can replay the interview to reinforce or reject your initial choice. Here are the basic issues you need to raise.

Education and Work Experience

Usually, a more experienced and educated nanny should be preferred especially when her work experience indicates that she stayed with one family for an extended period. However, you will still need to ask questions like:

- Most significant achievements and recognitions as a nanny
- Likes and dislikes, joy and disappointments in her nanny jobs
- Duties and responsibilities in past employments
- Reasons and trainings for becoming a nanny

You can even ask her about her experience with a hidden nanny cam, her position about its presence, and how she dealt with it. This way, you will know if you will have problems in this area.

Child Care Philosophy and Ideas

These are very important issues to discuss since you will be entrusting her with your children, even in places with no hidden nanny cam. You want to make sure that you are on the same wavelength.

- Disciplinary methods
- Teaching of good manners, healthy eating habits and personal hygiene
- Stimulation of intellectual and artistic curiosity
- Child arbitration for disagreements and crankiness

If you record the interview with her using your hidden nanny cam, you will have a reference point for future performance on this area.

Personal Interests

You have to look for a nanny who exhibits maturity and a diversity of interests, not a child lurking within a woman's body. Since even the most high-tech hidden nanny cam can follow her on her outside activities, the following questions need to be asked:

- Hobbies and Outside Interests/Activities
- Personal strengths and weaknesses
- Important things and persons in her life
- Decision-making process

Compensation Package

This is the meat of the interview. You have to be sure if you can afford the asking rate of the applicant based on the duties and responsibilities you will be initially discussing. You can discuss issues like:

- Payroll period (weekly, monthly)
- Overtime pay
- Number of paid sick and vacation days (as well as holidays)
- Health benefits and social security
- Transportation and accommodation

Miscellaneous Household Rules

You also need to discuss meals, supplies and telephone usage, as well as family visitation. This early, you need to lay down your cards about household rules you wish to be complied with. This way, you can clear out sources of possible misunderstandings. If the applicant is not agreeable to your rules, then consider other applicants.

You also need to raise the matter of functions, duties and responsibilities you expect the applicant to fulfill if and when she is hired as your nanny. The compensation package can change accordingly.

Using your hidden nanny cam, you can make a decision regarding hiring your new nanny. Even if you missed something during the interview (and you probably will), the strategically-placed spy camera will show you exactly what your missed.

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