Remote Viewing Secrets Revealed

by Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn - Date: 2008-04-22 - Word Count: 633 Share This!

It was about 8pm on a cool evening in January. During a class being held at my office, Linda, a student of mine, was continuing a remote viewing exercise describing the living room of her partner. "I see tall windows letting in much light, behind the windows I see a garden filled with flowers and foliage. Your front entrance is probably surrounded by glass because I see a lot of light in your foyer, with a large piece of artwork opposite the entrance door. Back in your living room; your couch appears to be a curving piece of furniture—"

Finally Marissa could not stand it anymore. "Yes, that is the couch in my living room. It does curve. And everything else you saw is almost perfectly correct! How did you do that?"

This is not magic. It is not a mystical gift only given to a few. This is a real skill, which can be developed over time.

Quantum science theorizes how "intuitive knowing" through non-physical channels is possible. The famous physicist, David Bohm, in his textbook, "The Undivided Universe," writes, "Each region of space-time contains information about every other point in space-time." This suggests if you were able to access a specific "region of space-time," you would have omniscient capabilities or be labeled an "intuitive."

If it is possible to "view" something we do not have in front of us, think of the value such "knowing" can have in practical applications in our lives. A corporate executive could use this skill to gain competitive advantage. You could use it to find a valuable family heirloom. Certain law enforcement agencies already use this capability to find lost people or solve crimes. Albert Einstein used it when he had the creative leap to the theory of relativity, which he then spent many years proving mathematically.

This type of power is not limited to just knowing something. The implications are infinite. They include telepathy, clairvoyance, genius insight and mystical experience.

Each individual has within the ability to see and know beyond the five senses. This is an innate, but usually dormant, capability. It takes life style changes as well as expert training to get good at it. Here are a few ideas to begin accessing this power.

1. Get dreamy. It is usually in highly relaxed mind states that we begin to "see" beyond our senses. This is why we may have a dream about a family, friend or a proven event and then learn it was precognitive or telepathic. To do this deliberately, ask yourself to find the answer to a question before you go to bed at night. Keep a book and pen at your bedside to give your subconscious the message you are serious about finding the answer.

2. Relax. Even five minutes of clearing the mind will help slow down your brain waves enough to access this "zone." A good and simple way to do this is to find a set time every day when you will not be disturbed, where you can close your eyes and sit down. Focus your attention on the back of your eyelids, attempting to "look" at them. Each time a thought or idea barges into your mind and carries you away, simply go back to focusing on your eyelids.

3. Exercise. After the relaxation exercise above, hold a picture in your hands face down, without looking at it. Ask yourself to "view" what is on this picture. You will, with practice, get very, very good at this and be amazed with the powerful results.

This is a minute sampling of ways to develop your innate ability to access information beyond direct physical experience. However, more advanced applications of "Intuitive Magic" show us we can begin to access the universe's mind to create a reality of our choice more powerfully than the "holo-deck" on "Star Trek."

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