Cancer Natural Remedy That Work

by Katie Monroe - Date: 2007-05-04 - Word Count: 504 Share This!

Looking for cancer natural remedy that work? Discover how over 2,000 people have successfully used the alternative cancer treatments you'll find revealed in this e-book.

Discover over 350 gentle & non-toxic cancer treatments that no-one else will tell you about! Learn about more than 350 drug-free, alternative cancer treatments used by thousands to aid their recovery from cancer:

Documented evidence that alternative cancer treatment works - over 2,000 testimonials. Almost all treatments are non-specific, that is, they help with any cancer anywhere in the body. There are treatments based on little-known scientific studies and inventions available. Discover amazing insights (official statistics show that people with advanced breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer do not live longer after receiving chemotherapy.)

Do you know There are alternatives to, and complementary therapies to use with, chemotherapy. Also discover best-priced and inexpensive sources of the treatments - some are free! You can commence many alternative cancer treatments immediately. All contained in a set of 4 e-books and reports quickly and easily downloadable to your computer.

Here's a glimpse of what you will get in this ebook related to cancer natural remedy that work:
1. The nutritional supplement for which physicians are reporting complete remission of aggressive, stage iv cancers that have metastasized, as well as continued positive responses in other patients with previously chemo-resistant cancers.
2. One treatment center has noted a 70% positive response rate in stage iv cancer patients with most taking eight teaspoons of the supplement per day. One stage iv breast cancer patient who refused chemo and radiation and was given two weeks to live by hospice, got better with the help of this supplement. This supplement has also been shown to reduce the negative side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
3. The substance that causes all pain associated with cancer to disappear within 12 to 36 hours (except in a very few cases where there is a morphine withdrawal problem that required a few more hours). In addition to the loss of pain, the physical results are a rapid shrinkage of the tumor masses.
4. The unique device that is reported to reduce pain, raise energy levels, and increase survival. Apparently, many physicans are recommending it to their patients. This device increases the levels of negative ions of oxygen in the body's fluids and tissues, exactly as nature produces. As two-time nobel prize winner dr. Otto warburg said "cancer cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment". Additionally, the device utilizes specific frequencies that may enhance your immune system and eradicate bacteria and viruses linked to your cancer.

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