Glass Recycling

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The environment is the sum of external conditions that affect the existence of living organisms such as animals, plants, and human beings. Any changes in the environment can affect the survival and behavior of all organisms that exist in the environment. The environment equilibrium undergoes adverse changes caused by pollution, population explosion, and natural resource degradation. Recycling is one of the best ways to solve this problem. Recycling refers to the reprocessing of waste products and scrap waste to form new usable products. Paper, metal, batteries, and glass are some of the products that can be recycled.

Glass is one of the most significant components present in household and industrial waste. Glass is used in disposable bottles, windows and doors, crockery, and mirrors. Broken glass is commonly referred to as clean flint cullet and has become the most desirable form of glass scrap for recycling. The process of recycling glass is unique and different from other recycling processes. The process involves separation of different colors of glass such as clear, green, and amber glass because different glass colors are not chemically compatible with each other. The heat resistance of glass should also be a key factor in determining the procedure for glass recycling. Glass is collected in cullets and is separated from contaminants, such as rocks and ceramics.

Glass recycling eliminates the need for landfills and incinerators and can be used for making a variety of finished products, such as a variety of household products, windows, and mirrors. Research has shown that about ten to twelve percent of glass waste is recycled in the United States every year. Glass recycling also helps to save a great deal of energy. Experts have concluded that the recycling of two glass bottles saves enough energy to boil water for about five cups of tea.

Glass recycling helps to improve pollution rates and provides raw materials for glass manufacturing industries. It helps to create an eco-friendly environment for future generations.

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